The Snack Plate

Sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking, especially after a high endurance holiday like Christmas. The turkey is in the oven now, roasting to a golden brown and we are fast approaching leftover madness!

There are only a few times of year when the fridge is as overflowing as it will be over the next few days. Magazines are filled with tips for using up all that turkey. Recipes for turkey hash, turkey soup, turkey a la king…..I prefer a simpler approach and just use whatever is already on hand to throw together a snack plate.

I always keep different breads, crackers, olives, pickled veggies, cheeses, nuts and charcuterie on hand for throwing together quick antipasto plates. It’s more fun than a PB&J at lunch, easier than a cooked dinner and more impressive than popcorn as a movie snack.

Here, I’ve used some typical antipasto bar items including lupini beans and stuffed cherry bomb peppers.  There’s some tender Rowe Farms herb-roasted chicken and a sweetly spicy Sable & Rosenfeld 3 Pepper Smash sauce. The cheeses are two favourites; Morbier and 5th Town‘s Cape Vessey.

a possible snack plate

snack time

Not everyone is cooking a turkey this weekend, there may be lamb, ham or SPAM to use up. You could do this plate a thousand different ways, using proscuitto, hard-cooked egg and pecorino with Ryvita crackers or taleggio, cold roast pork and fig jam with Ace baguette…..

Just throw everything in your fridge up in the air and see what lands on the plate, then eat it!

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