How To Eat Rapini

Unless you are a serious connoisseur of bitter, do not attempt to eat rapini on its own. In order to truly become a fan of this this crazy cruciferous veggie you need to dress it up a little bit.

Lou & Bonnie Rapini, they're big fans!

To clean, you must first trim all the big leaves. The leaves can be set aside and used chopped up in a frittata or a chunky tomato sauce.

Once you’ve removed all but the smallest leaves, trim the stems and blanche for 2 minutes in boiling water. After a quick dunk in an ice bath to cool off your rapini is ready to rock.

Here are some suggestions for your naked rapini:

-fried up with some bacon lardons and a drizzle of maple syrup

-served cold and tossed with a lemony vinaigrette and julienned apples

-fried with balsamic vinegar and topped with parmesan

-as a chopped garnish on a creamy soup, like cauliflower or jerusalem artichoke

-in a salad with hard cooked egg, olives and roasted peppers

Asparagus isn’t in season right now, so why not try serving rapini in some of the classic ways we usually serve asparagus? Just warm and cloaked in eggy hollandaise, or wrapped with salty proscuitto or silky smoked salmon.

Look I know it’s cold outside, but you can’t live on potatoes and pasta forever. Eat your greens!

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