Pretty Vegetables? Yep.

Step aside coleus, Bright Lights chard can dazzle with its intensely coloured red and yellow stems.

There’s no reason to hide away vegetables when they are this attractive. Certain veggies are naturally beautiful, and with a little thought to planting design, you can maximize the appearance of your food garden, and even mix food plants with your ornamentals. In fact, there’s a whole trend in putting food plants into front yard gardens, because they rival ornamentals in the looks department.

A checkerboard planting of red and green lettuces enhances their decorative qualities.

Vegetables have their own sculptural quality, that can be as decorative as flowers. I loved these smooth, waxy peppers planted in a diamond pattern, with a ring of flouncy parsley.

Planting parsley en masse looks great, and gives you a summer's worth of tabbouleh salad makings.

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