Guest Post: Garden Designer Jonas Spring

Ecoman Jonas Spring garden design

Leaf-shaped patio stonework, some of Ecoman Jonas Spring’s handiwork.

I am so pleased to have been invited to be this weeks guest blog­ger. I want to let you know about some pretty excit­ing new ser­vices being offered at Fiesta Gardens this year. Not every­one knows owner and pro­pri­etor Dino Virgona; but Margaret, Dino, Chris and John have been sup­ply­ing Ecoman with plants and stone for over 10 years. Over that span of time I have come to rely on Dino and his staff for qual­ity annu­als, peren­ni­als, spec­i­men trees and shrubs, not to men­tion nat­ural stone. This year Dino approached me to help kick­off Fiesta Gardens in house land­scap­ing and gar­den­ing ser­vice. He saw it as a nat­ural fit because we are located in the neigh­bor­hood, spe­cial­ize in small to medium size land­scape projects and pro­vide gar­den­ing ser­vices by the hour.

We started meet­ing in January and worked on three of the most com­mon sce­nar­ios that home own­ers face:
Replace, Redesign, Review.
Replacing a walk­way, wall, or a dead tree or shrub fol­lows a sim­ple 3 step process.

• free con­sul­ta­tion
• quote
• installation

We pro­vide war­ranty and main­te­nance for all our installations.

Redesign means mak­ing dra­matic changes to the way your gar­den looks and feels. In this case we add an extra step of a draw­ing so that you know what you are getting.

Review: When you buy a new house you may not have a good idea of what is liv­ing and grow­ing on your prop­erty. We pro­vide a full detailed report including:

• soil, sun expo­sure, drainage
• walk­ways, walls and paths
• plants, lawn, trees and shrubs with an eye for inva­sive species, insect infes­ta­tions and prun­ing recommendations

Since we are in a giv­ing mood and cel­e­brat­ing a new part­ner­ship, we are pro­vid­ing three free prop­erty inspec­tions on a first come first serve basis.
Of course you may just be look­ing for a spring cleanup in which case, we will come, have a look and then send over our gar­den­ing crew.
We look for­ward to work­ing with you.
Jonas (Ecoman)
416 556 5516

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