Colourful Cakes To Make You Proud

There is a lot going on this long week­end that mer­its cel­e­bra­tion, and what bet­ter way to cel­e­brate a fes­tive occa­sion than with a freshly baked cake?


Multi-coloured layer cakes have been around for years. Italian com­mu­ni­ties in the U.S. in the 1900’s often baked an Italian Flag cake to hon­our their her­itage. Consisting of three lay­ers rep­re­sent­ing the three colours of the Italian Flag, the idea has caught on and been expanded and devel­oped over the years, with Italian Flag Cake lead­ing the charge.

On Sunday, Italy will be duk­ing it out with Spain in the final of the European Cup. Baking the tra­di­tional Italian Flag Cake might just bring the Azzurri good luck, who knows?

Pride Week in Toronto cul­mi­nates on Sunday with the annual Pride Parade. If you are host­ing a party, noth­ing says pride like an eight layer Rainbow Cake. You can flavour each layer to cor­re­spond with its colour, the way they do at Wanda’s Pie in the Sky in Kensington Market, or keep it sim­ple and use dyed white cake batter.

This cake is a real show-stopper and reflects the Rainbow Flag orig­i­nally designed by Gilbert Baker.

Baker is thought to have been inspired by the Peace Flag that orig­i­nated in Italy dur­ing demon­stra­tions in the 1960’s, a seven layer cake that went, top to bot­tom, pur­ple, blue , azure, green, yel­low, orange and red. Other the­o­ries sug­gest that he was also inspired by the Judy Garland song, Over the Rainbow, or the “Flag of the Races”-red, black, brown, yel­low and white.

At any rate, it didn’t take long for cre­ative and patient bak­ers to run with it and cre­ate the Rainbow Cake, and Pride par­ties all over Toronto will be dish­ing out sec­ond serv­ings of this dessert. From top to bot­tom, here is what the colours in your cake mean: Pink-sexuality; red-life; orange-healing; yellow-sunlight; green-nature;turquoise-magic; indigo/blue-serenity; violet-spirit.

Tackling a rain­bow cake may seem a bit daunt­ing, but Martha Stewart is up for any chal­lenge, and presents us with a great recipe for a Rainbow cake that you can take pride in.

And finally, let’s not for­get that Sunday, July 1st, is Canada Day, a hol­i­day that all of us should be proud to cel­e­brate. An appro­pri­ate cake for Canada day might be con­trast­ing lay­ers of red vel­vet and basic white cake, or red vel­vet cake with white icing. Or a white cake with red frost­ing, maybe sep­a­rated by a rasp­berry jam cen­tre. You get the idea. If you plan on mak­ing red vel­vet, we strongly sug­gest you use an authen­tic recipe from an American south­erner, like this one from Paula Deen.

One of the most hilar­i­ous, yet awe­some, cake recipes we have ever come across is for this one that calls for Jello & Cool Whip, see image above. Check out the recipe on the Small Home Big Start blog.

Whatever you are cel­e­brat­ing this weekend-with friends, fam­ily or neighbours-let them eat cake, served with a lit­tle piz­zazz and a whole lot of pride.

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