Wheatbelly — The Latest Diet Craze

Wheatbelly, the new diet book by William Davis MD, seems to be up there with “50 Shades of Gray” in that every­one and their mother has read it. The back cover screams this star­tling ques­tion in all caps:


I didn’t, that’s for sure. There was a lot I didn’t know about wheat before read­ing this book.

No longer the sturdy sta­ple our fore­bears ground into their daily bread, today’s wheat has been genet­i­cally altered to pro­vide processed-food man­u­fac­tur­ers the great­est yield a the low­est cost; con­se­quently, this once-benign grain has been trans­formed into a nutri­tion­ally bank­rupt yet ubiq­ui­tous ingre­di­ent that causes blood sugar to spike more rapidly  than eat­ing pure table sugar and has addic­tive prop­er­ties that send us on a roller coaster of hunger, overeat­ing and fatigue. Dr. Davis sheds light on wheat’s con­nec­tion to weight gain and fat buildup in all the wrong places, as well as a host of adverse health con­di­tions from dia­betes to heart dis­ease to immuno­logic and neu­ro­log­i­cal dis­or­ders like celiac dis­ease, rheuma­toid arthri­tis, and demen­tia. Finally, he presents a com­pelling argu­ment for elim­i­nat­ing wheat prod­ucts from the diet entirely, with strate­gies for mak­ing the tran­si­tion both sim­ple and permanent.”

the hard­est part — elim­i­nat­ing beer

The best parts of this book are the case stud­ies that Dr. Davis shares about the mir­a­cles that occur when peo­ple elim­i­nate wheat from their diets. He talks about Gordon the baker who had start­ing los­ing his hair in clumps or Kurt who had a rash on his back for seven years that no doc­tor could heal. Take them off wheat and Kurt’s rash dis­ap­pears, and Gordon loses twelve pounds and his hair grows back. Exciting stuff.

Once you’re all jazzed up and ready to become a case study your­self you can dive right in to the recipes he includes. You can make crab cakes, shi­rataki noo­dle stir-fry, wheat-free pizza and flaxseed wraps. There are desserts too, every­thing from apple-walnut ‘bread’ to dark choco­late tofu mousse.


It’s an inter­est­ing diet but a hard one to stick to, as there’s bread and wheat every­where. Following the Wheatbelly path means no BLT’s or Clubhouse sand­wiches, no gar­lic bread or morn­ing toast, no pie or pizza crust, no crois­sants. But, make the sac­ri­fice and that wheat­belly you’ve been car­ry­ing around will dis­ap­pear, at least accord­ing to this book. Something to think about as you crack open another can of beer on the back patio.

Maybe when patio sea­son ends it will be time to switch to red wine and gluten free pizza. Or maybe just hit the gym a few times a week and enjoy your bagel and lox.

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