Holiday Inspiration: Grape-vine Spheres

Large decorative ball or sphere made of grape vines.

With grapevine spheres, the big­ger, the better.

Sometimes one unique object will  top off your home hol­i­day dec­o­ra­tions per­fectly. Elegant spheres made of grape vines come in all sizes. Try an enor­mous one, with lights inside, or wrapped around. Hang it from a tree, a porch edge, or sim­ply rest it on a patio table. A col­lec­tion of smaller spheres with hol­i­day lights look great hang­ing from a tree, shrub, or porch front, at dif­fer­ent lev­els. Good thing with grape vine dec­o­ra­tions, they will last year after year, unlike evergreens.

Sphere nestled into evergreens, with fruit and pine cones.

Sphere nes­tled into ever­greens, with fruit and pine cones.

Fiesta Gardens has some­thing new this year—spheres carved out of ragged wood—rustic-looking and unusual, with a nat­ural texture.


Orange curly wil­low, or white can make a state­ment all on their own.

If you are design­ing a planter, pick the biggest one, and stuff it with twigs, berries and ever­green fronds. (Even a planter filled with twigs alone looks ele­gant, with or with­out lights.) Large scaled objects cre­ate a bold dis­play, fol­low­ing the “One Big Thing” design rule.  That is, one big thing pro­vides a sim­ple and easy focal point that max­i­mizes your design state­ment. Have fun with your hol­i­day dec­o­rat­ing! Let us know your ideas in the comments.

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