Colourful Cakes To Make You Proud

There is a lot going on this long weekend that merits celebration, and what better way to celebrate a festive occasion than with a freshly baked cake?


Multi-coloured layer cakes have been around for years. Italian communities in the U.S. in the 1900’s often baked an Italian Flag cake to honour their heritage. Consisting of three layers representing the three colours of the Italian Flag, the idea has caught on and been expanded and developed over the years, with Italian Flag Cake leading the charge. Continue »

Father’s Day Roundup

We searched all over the internet for some inspiring content about dads and food. Here’s the roundup of our findings, plus some great ideas for where to take dad on his special day.

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Give Your Mom A Date With Chuck This Weekend

This Sunday, May 13, is Mother’s Day.  The tradition selecting a day or festival to honour and celebrate our mothers goes back thousands of years, from the Greco-Roman festivals honouring the mother of the gods, Cybele. But it wasn’t until the early twentieth Century, when West Virginian Anna Jarvis selected the second Sunday in May as a day to honour our mothers that the occasion really caught on. Here is a little of her story: Continue »

Happy Halloween – Let’s Talk About Your Yard

Every Halloween we get all excited and bring home a bunch of big pumpkins, hack away at them with steak knives and arrange them on the porch lit up from inside with tea lights. Our Jack-o-Lanterns are a source of pride for a few days, until the Halloween candy runs out and Jack’s jaunty hat starts to sink and soften. Once the pumpkin starts to rot it just serves as a reminder that the fun, freaky holiday is over and all that stands between us and the icy cold despair of January is Christmas. And Christmas is great and all but it is the very last vestige of holiday fun before our world turns to ice. Continue »

Happy Canada Day 2011

Our spring and summer have started off chilly and wet but today we’ve got blue skies and shining sun. Time to get out into the beautiful day and celebrate living in the greatest country on earth.
Whether you’re camping at the Pinery, sailing down the Rideau Canal, hiking in the Green Belt, water-skiing at the cottage in Prince Edward County, or grilling grass fed steaks on a fire escape in Parkdale, we’ve got some tips for you to make this Canada Day the best you’ve ever had. Continue »