Your Chance To Help The Homeless

Around the same time you get home from work and take off your tie or scarf, about 30,000 home­less Canadians are fig­ur­ing out where they are going to sleep that night. On May 7, 2014, Mary Wiens of CBC radio’s Metro Morning will host Homes First’s sec­ond annual fundraiser, ‘Tie One On,’ to raise funds to help house the 5,000 home­less peo­ple liv­ing on the streets of Toronto. Continue »

Passover Begins Tonight



Tonight, April 15 at sun­down, marks the begin­ning of Passover, the week long hol­i­day that com­mem­o­rates the lib­er­a­tion of the Jewish peo­ple from slav­ery under Egyptian rule, over three thou­sand years ago.  According to the Book of Exodus, the Egyptian Pharaoh freed the Israelites after God tor­mented the Egyptians by vis­it­ing ten plagues upon them, cul­mi­nat­ing in the death of the first born in all Egyptian house­holds. Jewish fam­i­lies, instructed by God to mark their homes with the blood of a spring lamb were spared, “passed over” by this lethal power. It is said that the Israelites had so lit­tle time to leave that that they didn’t even have time to wait for their bread to rise, so they took with them flat, unleav­ened bread, or matzo, and thus was born the tra­di­tion of eat­ing only unleav­ened bread for the dura­tion of the hol­i­day. Continue »

3 Great Reasons To Throw A Pizza Party



The Toronto Raptors are in the NBA play­offs, the Montreal Canadiens are in the NHL play­offs and the Toronto Blue Jays have just started the 2014 base­ball sea­son. If you are a sports fan you are feel­ing pretty good right now and those three things are rea­son enough to throw a pizza party. I’ve got just the cook­book to help you do just that. Pizza: Seasonal Recipes from Rome’s Legendary Pizzarium this cook­book is by the man Vogue mag­a­zine called “The Michelangelo of Dough”. Gabriele Bonci has been devel­op­ing his sig­na­ture style at his small pizze­ria in Rome. He uses stone-milled farro flours and relies on the sea­sons to deter­mine his uncon­ven­tional top­ping com­bi­na­tions. He comes up with more than 1500 dif­fer­ent top­ping com­bos each year! This guy knows his pizza and this book is going to show you how it’s done.  Continue »

Halloumi For Spring




Picture that typ­i­cal Greek restau­rant scene — the server brings a flam­ing pan to the table, douses the flames with a squirt of lemon and sets the saganaki before the guests while shout­ing “Opa!” When is the last time you had your­self some deli­cious fried cheese? Continue »

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Arrowroot


Arrowroot is the starch made from the roots of the trop­i­cal plant Maranta arun­d­i­nacea, also known as arrow­root or maranta.
Arrowroot pow­der, or starch, is one of the most sought after thick­en­ers for sauces, gravies and stews, right up there with corn starch and wheat flour, the lat­ter often the starch used in mak­ing a roux. Arrowroot is remark­ably ver­sa­tile, used for sev­eral appli­ca­tions in the kitchen, notably in pud­dings, cakes, and bis­cuits. Pure arrow­root is highly digestible, as it is a pure starch, and that is why it is such a great cookie for babies. Read on for more from the fas­ci­nat­ing world of arrow­root! Continue »