Sensational Sardines



A few weeks ago we reported on Chef Ned Bell and his plans to cycle across Canada to raise awareness about the state of our oceans, rivers and lakes, and specifically, to turn the conversation towards making informed and educated choices when it comes to choosing sustainable seafood.

One of the more often overlooked choices that regularly appears on lists of sustainable seafood picks is the humble sardine. Many of us have been snacking on tinned sardines for years, lured by the convenience, devoted the taste, unaware that when it comes to seafood, sardines are one of the more environmentally responsible -and healthy-choices we can make in our diets. Continue »

How To Hide The Ugly Stuff in Your Garden

Wooden lattice screens off garden utility area.

Wooden lattice screens off garden utility area.

The ugly recycling boxes. The air conditioning unit. Those utilitarian items in and around the garden:  the necessary but not pretty things that create visual noise in your garden space. They’re there, sticking out like a sore thumb, detracting from the garden design, and putting a kink in your curb appeal. How to fix it? Camouflage and disguise! Here are some ideas to disguise the messy and to keep the beauty.

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Toronto Cooks

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 4.26.05 PM

Housemade Semi-Firm Tofu from Ursa


September is cookbook month – that’s when all the publishing houses release their newest cooking titles in time for the Christmas shopping season. There are some big ones coming out this fall, including a new one by Marcus Samuelson, Sean Brock’s first ever book and, the one we are most excited about, a cookbook devoted specifically to the chefs of Toronto. Penned and compiled by Amy Rosen, Toronto Cooks, delivers introductions to fifty top Toronto chefs and offers two recipes from each. The result is a dizzying collection of delicious food porn and revealing intros that explain how the talented chefs of our city get their inspiration. Continue »

Chefs For Oceans



Ned Bell is one of Vancouver’s top chefs but you won’t find him in his kitchen at the Four Seasons this summer. He’s cycling across Canada instead.  Continue »

Sweet Late-Summer Scents

Bumble bee on milkweed.

Bumble bee on milkweed. The flowers have an intoxicating scent.

The smell—or should I say scent—of summer arrives through an array of delicious fragrances that waft through the air when certain plants are in bloom. In June the scent season kicks off with the fragrance of the black locust flowers, (mosey down Rosedale Valley Road on any June night to get the full effect) then the linden flowers take over in July.

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