Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut



Unless you have a nut allergy , you should probably be eating more of them. Dieticians and nutritionists everywhere are almost unanimous in extolling the virtues of the Mediterranean Diet, promoting fruits, vegetables, legumes and pulses (like beans and lentils) whole grains and nuts, suggesting that these foods should be a regular part of your everyday diet, while limiting amounts of dairy and meat.

Many of us do go out of our way to ensure that we get enough fruit and vegetables in our quotidian meal plan, and foods high in whole grains are a relatively easy sell and buy- you can even drink your whole grains !

But we often overlook nuts when it comes to adding this delicious, readily available source of unsaturated fats,  protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and fibre to our diet.

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April Fool

spongebob   High-spirited pranksters have been whooping it up on April 1st for hundreds of years. Historians are pretty much unanimous in accepting that, throughout history, most cultures set aside at least one day of the year where it is accepted and encouraged to “prank” your friends. Though the idea of practical joking has spawned numerous television shows like Candid Camera, Just For Laughs and Punk’d and hilarious tongue-in-cheek spoofs like the one featured on The Kroll Show.



The idea of setting aside one specific day per year to indulge your inner prankster seems to work for most of us over the age of eight. The ancient Greeks and Romans had the spring festival of Hilaria, (so now you know where that word comes from) a celebration to honour the somewhat mysterious and fun-loving goddess, Cybele.) April Fool’s Day, landing as it does at the end of Lent, is the perfect timing for a day of merriment and saucy, good-natured impertinence.

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We Are What We Eat: Potassium, the Real Special K



Today, in the second in a series  of posts examining the building blocks of our bodies, we are getting know Potassium, one of the vital elements that we need on a daily basis for metabolic function, for basic health and well-being. When it comes to potassium, most budding chemist know that its atomic number is 19 and its symbol is K, and athletes know that this important element somehow keeps them from cramping during extended periods of exercise; jocks know that bananas are a good source of it, and Gatorade and other sports drink makers add it to their sugary concoctions to give them that extra edge. When we perspire, and when athletes sweat heavily, we lose mostly water-which is why it is important to keep hydrated-and sodium and chloride. (By the way, if your sweat is really salty, if you get caked in white powder once it dries, you are ingesting too much sodium; not a good thing).

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Let’s Get Freekeh



Nutritionists are almost unanimous when it comes to espousing the health benefits of whole grains. So today let’s talk about one of the healthiest whole grains out there – freekeh.

Unlike refined flours, whole grains have their germ, endosperm and bran intact, providing fibre, plant protein, complex carbohydrates,  fats and oils and a multitude of  vitamins and minerals.    Continue »

Prepare Your Grill For Grilling Season



Hello sunshine! Isn’t it nice to see a bright blue sky at seven p.m., the snow receding from your lawn, the chill of winter air mingling with the occasional warm breeze…and in just eleven days – it’s hard to believe – it will be spring, the vernal equinox, the day that the sun’s path, moving from the southern hemisphere to the north, crosses the equator. On March 20, the day is the same length as the night, which for many of means only one thing; it’s time to clean up the trusty barbecue and get it ready for the first grilling of the year! Continue »