Valentine’s Day 2016

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Who said February is boring?  There is so much going on that we had to add an extra day at the end of the month to make sure we get everything done! The next fortnight alone will see many of us celebrating Chinese New Year (go here for Chicken Balls!) watching the Super Bowl, stuffing ourselves with pancakes on Fat Tuesday and spending time with the family on Family Day. Did we miss one? Oh yeah, a little thing called Valentine’s Day, you don’t want to forget about that one!

This is the one day when you may want to treat that special loved one to a romantic dinner, perhaps one that you made yourself. Or maybe not. If you have kids around, it might be hard to get into that romantic spirit, and if you are not particularly adept in the kitchen, it is probable that the only thing you want to make for dinner are reservations.

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Second Harvest’s Hero Day

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No Waste. No Hunger” That is the simple and profound vision statement of Canada’s largest food rescue charity, Second Harvest. In these tough economic times, (i.e., always) it is mind-blowing that we Canadians waste 40% of our food every year, between 27 and 31 billion dollars of food yearly while thousands go hungry every day. Sometimes restaurants order too much food and must get rid of it at the end of the day, or caterers or retailers don’t use everything they have and it gets tossed. Often it is just because the produce in question maybe has a little bruise on it, or a certain vegetable has a strange shape, or the food doesn’t look like it should appear on the cover of Good Housekeeping.Though certain retailers in this country and abroad are making some effort to curb food waste by discounting this produce, it is still a drop in the bucket.


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Chefs For Change 2016

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Old man winter has finally arrived, with a vengeance, so if he is giving you a case of the blues Chefs for Change has the perfect way for you to deal with it, offering five incredible events throughout January, February and March.  Each night will feature some of Toronto-and Canada’s-top culinary talents collaborating on a four-course dinner, with themed cocktails by The Drake Hotel’s Sandy DeAlmeida, cool tunes by these guys  and other surprises guaranteed to make each event one of the highlights of your  winter’s social season.

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Are You Bee Curious?

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This event has sold out the last couple years so we’re giving you lots of warning!

It is time for Bee Day- On Saturday, February 6 the Toronto Beekeepers Co-Operative will hold its annual daylong workshop answering everything you always wanted to know about honey bees but were afraid to ask. This year’s workshop, Urban Beekeeping 101 is being held at Christ Church Deer Park, 1570 Yonge Street, and runs from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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Supper With Syria



Fiesta Farms will be donating ingredients to a fundraising dinner to help Syrian refugees. Inna Gertsberg is one of the organizers, along with Sang Kim and Lara Zahabi, I spoke with her about the event and how everyone can get involved. This post is illustrated with images of traditional Syrian dishes that should be mouthwatering enough to encourage you to buy a ticket to this incredible dinner. Continue »