Supper With Syria



Fiesta Farms will be donating ingredients to a fundraising dinner to help Syrian refugees. Inna Gertsberg is one of the organizers, along with Sang Kim and Lara Zahabi, I spoke with her about the event and how everyone can get involved. This post is illustrated with images of traditional Syrian dishes that should be mouthwatering enough to encourage you to buy a ticket to this incredible dinner. Continue »

These Cookies Can Help Save A Syrian Family

guest post by Erin Phalen




Toronto is about to get its biggest ever bake sale, and you’d have to be crazy not to want in on it, with cookies like smooth Red Velvet, squishy Ginger Molasses and marshmallow-dotted S’mores available for delivery right to your door.

Cookie lovers from all over the GTA can tuck into freshly baked goods—dropped off at their workplace or home—as part of the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts’ first-ever virtual bake sale. All proceeds will go toward supporting a family of seven Syrian refugees resettling in Toronto. Continue »

A Dinner For Syria

Chicken and chorizo paella

Chicken and chorizo paella


“The ongoing conflict in Syria has triggered the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today. According to the United Nations, 12.2 million people inside Syria need urgent help, including 7.6 million who are internally displaced. It is estimated that well over 250,000 people have died in the conflict, with hundreds of thousands more wounded. More than 4 million Syrians have sought refuge in the neighbouring countries of Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.”- Foreign Affairs, Tradeand Development Canada 


This post is illustrated with photos from a certain Toronto restaurant’s Instagram feed, read on to find out why…

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Taking Action Against Hunger

Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away and many of us have already put dibs  on a turkey that right now is blissfully strutting and scratching around on a farm. Soon we’ll be happily finalizing invitations and planning menus while poring over cookbooks and recipe files.




And finally at the annual Thanksgiving feast, sitting around the table, someone, the hostess or host or patriarch or matriarch will say a few words acknowledging how lucky or blessed we all are; we will nod, and we will raise our glasses in a toast, and we will give thanks. Thank you, we will say to each other, or to some intangible force or entity who has smiled on lucky us, and that will be the extent of our thanks, and that will be the extent of our giving. Continue »

Food Is A Human Right


Full shopping grocery cart in supermarket.

Full shopping grocery cart in supermarket.


This just came in and we feel it is an important media release to share. Everyone has the right to healthy food, if you believe that you can join this march taking place at Jane & Finch on the weekend.

This Saturday, September 12th, 2015:
Day of Action, includes March, Revolutionary Gardening, Panel Discussion, Entertainment, Tabling and Community Meal

Jane & Finch Residents Plan Street Take-Over to Raise Awareness of Food as a Human Right Continue »