Finally A Gluten Free Product That Doesn’t Taste Like A Gluten Free Product


Cran-Apple Muffin

Spiced Apple –Cran Muffin

So many gluten free prod­ucts just remind you that the gluten is miss­ing with every bite, so it makes it hard to stick to a gluten free lifestyle. That’s why we’re so excited by the new Smoothie Bar & Desserts prod­ucts. The com­pany was founded by Lorelyn Martin, a nutri­tion­ist and well­ness con­sul­tant, who was diag­nosed with food aller­gies and as sen­si­tiv­ity to gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and beans. After a child­hood plagued by asthma and excema, the food aller­gies com­bined to cement her com­mit­ment to well­ness. Continue »

Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day With Ontario Beer




This year St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday, which means there will prob­a­bly be cel­e­bra­tions all week­end long. On the 17th though, one of Ontario’s favourite craft brew­ers is throw­ing a St. Patrick’s Day party and every­one is invited. They’ve com­mis­sioned their favourite pop up to cre­ate a menu of snacks to hand out dur­ing the party and they’ll be pour­ing a very appro­pri­ate beer to all the rev­ellers. Continue »

Have You Ever Had A Christmas Pudding?



The tra­di­tional Christmas pud­ding of Dickens and Downton Abbey lore is some­thing most of us have never tasted or maybe never even seen. Michele Chandler and Sue Buchanan decided to change all that. One pud­ding at a time.

“We started the busi­ness, Puddings Matter, because good Christmas pud­dings had dis­ap­peared from the store shelves. We had been mak­ing them for friends and fam­ily for a decade, one year we were up to 50 units and real­ized there may be some­thing there. We also man­u­fac­ture pud­dings in upstate New York, for  a Dickens Festival in Skaneateles, NY. At this fes­ti­val the char­ac­ters walk around and talk about a Figgy pud­ding, but they had never had one. Another dri­ver behind start­ing the busi­ness was the fact that Downton Abbey was the #1 show on PBS, so that also influ­enced my deci­sion.” explains Michele. Continue »

Preserves Swap



One of the best things about mak­ing pre­serves is not only get­ting to enjoy them through­out the win­ter but also get­ting to trade with other pre­servers to round out your pantry. Maybe you only put down fruit pre­serves this year and have an over­whelm­ing amount of jams and jel­lies– a pre­serves swap is a great way to trade some of that sweet sur­plus for savoury sauces or piquant pick­les. Continue »

Help A Local Food Writer



Valerie Howes has been cov­er­ing the Canadian food scene for years on her award win­ning Reader’s Digest blog. She’s leav­ing Reader’s Digest and branch­ing out on her own and wants to re-launch her blog inde­pen­dently. She’s set up a crowd­sourc­ing cam­paign to raise funds to help her do this. Anything over and above her fundrais­ing goal will be donated to the Stop Community Food Centre. Click here and con­tribute to an incred­i­ble food writer today!