Video: Lowcountry Cuisine Part 1

I recently spent a week in Charleston, South Carolina volunteering at Cook It Raw and learning about the way the cuisine of the South was shaped by terroir, native Americans, African slaves and civil war. In this video Chef Sean Brock, of acclaimed restaurants McCrady’s and Husk, explains why rice is so important to the people and the chefs of South Carolina.


Hot Chocolate You Can Feel Good About

It’s true that fair-trade and organic, non GMO products are most often a little more expensive than the big name brands, and paying a few cents per item more may go against the grain of die-hard bargain hunters, but  factor in the reality that those few cents from each of us add up to more than the eye can see. And it’s not a huge ordeal to buy fair trade; even items as common place as cocoa have a huge impact on the quality of life for workers abroad as well as local businesses. Take Camino Fair trade and organic hot chocolate for example.




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Video: A Few Minutes with Chef Hans

We sat down with Momofuku Noodle Bar’s Executive Sous Chef, Hans Vogels, recently. We asked him what ingredient was most important to his kitchen and what he’s cooking with in anticipation of colder weather.



Just Ducky!



I love duck. Whenever I am in Chinatown I head to King’s Noodle for a big feed of barbecue duck. It is an amazing dish and it is perfect every time. The technique seems simple enough; it is barbecued, and chopped up with a heavy cleaver, bones and all, and scooped unceremoniously onto a plate. Order it with white rice and some dark green gai-lan, (Chinese broccoli also known as kai-lan) and you will be one happy camper. But deep down, you know that, simple though it seems, cooking a whole duck like this it is not easy, you suspect you could never pull this off at home. Continue »

Video: If You Give a Chef a Peach

Alexandra Feswick is the Executive Chef of the Samuel J.Moore in the Great Hall. We asked her what is happening in her kitchen as we sail through August and get ready for fall. She shared an unconventional, but incredibly delicious sounding, recipe for peaches with us. Grab some peaches and try it at home this long weekend.