Chopped Liver Love


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It’s Hanukkah, the time of year when everyone is braising briskets and frying latkes. The humble chopped liver is a dish that deserves some time in the spotlight. Not to be confused with pâté, chopped liver should never be smooth, it is a rustic dish and should always be chopped by hand – just like Bubbe used to make it. Continue »

Holiday Recipes from Top Chef Canada – Savoury Custard

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The holidays are the perfect time to try new recipes, step out of your comfort zone and master new techniques. Wow your friends and family with this incredible savoury custard created by Top Chef Canada season 4 winner René Rodriguez, it makes a perfect vegetarian entrée.

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Holiday Recipes from Top Chef Canada – Spinach

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You have to eat a green thing, so why not smother it in cream, parmesan and bacon? This recipe is sure to be the most popular dish on the table this holiday season. Here is the next in our series of delicious holiday dishes from the incredibly talented René Rodriguez, the Top Chef Canada season 4 winner. Continue »

Holiday Recipes from Top Chef Canada – Sweet Potato

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Forget everything you thought you knew about sweet potatoes! This recipe from Top Chef Canada season 4 winner René Rodriguez will blow your mind. He takes Mexican and Spanish influence and directs them at this humble vegetable for a brand new preparation you have to taste to believe. Continue »

Christine Cushing’s Favourite Baked Beans




Christine Cushing will be in the store tomorrow doing demos of her entire line of products – olive oils, tomato sauces and her delicious Fired Up! roasted red pepper spread. Come by and try them all between 11-3pm.

Here she shares a favourite family recipe. Cozy comfort food to share with family and friends on a cold December day. Continue »