Canadian Favourites: Dare & Maple leaf cookies




The Toronto Maple Leafs may have fallen, but all over our city, maple trees are just opening up. The maple leaf is a big deal in this country, figuring prominently on sports jerseys, waving on our national flag and hiding out in the cookie jars of our dreams. Continue »

Essential Kitchen Gadgets: Tart Pan



When you do retire to that island paradise, there are certain kitchen gadgets you will want to bring along. Today we include on that list, a tart pan. With a removable bottom no less. Is this actually essential? Well if you want guaranteed perfect results every time, if you like your quiches and tarts to have a crust that looks like you spent years in culinary school, if you have little to no talent in the kitchen but want to put out tarts that look like they belong on the cover of a now defunct gourmet magazine then yes, this little wonder is as essential as it gets. Continue »

Easter Hours


Whether you celebrate with a leg of lamb, a pineapple-studded ham or a plant-based feast of yams – wishing everyone a lovely Easter weekend!

The store will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, back to regular hours on Monday morning at 8am.


Sour Cream Coffee Cake




Coffee cake is one of life’s little pleasures. Simple, humble, sweet but not overly cloying, it manages to be hearty and delicate at the same time. With just a handful of ingredients it comes together in minutes and requires no skill, making it a great beginner recipe for you and the kids to try together. Continue »

It’s A Wrap: Vegetarian Dolmadakia




Almost everyone the world over loves wrapping food in food. A sandwich is basically a wrap, the filling snuggled between a soft bread exterior. We stuff our donairs and falafel  into pita, we wrap fresh veggies in rice paper and mung bean wrappers, we wrap food in tortillas made of corn and flour, and resourceful cooks everywhere have made an entire branch of regional cuisine out of wrapping foods in locally available vegetable leaves; lettuce wraps, cabbage rolls, tamales wrapped in corn husks, Chinese sticky rice in lotus leaves, stuffed collard greensSwiss chard ….the list goes on and on. And one of our favourite wraps, hailing from the middle east, the Balkans and Greece, is dolmadakia, stuffed grape leaves. Continue »