World Turtle Day


Wood Turtle

Wood Turtle


It is said that every dog has its day. But, sorry Rover, not today; today is World Turtle Day! You may be asking yourself, “Do we really need a World Turtle Day?” Well, if you care about the environment, and if you think that humans have a responsibility to treat this planet and its creatures with as much care as possible, if you believe that we should ensure that the world we leave our children is in as good shape as the one our parents left us, then yes, we need a World Turtle Day. Continue »

Masa Harina Tortillas


When it comes to tortillas, aficionados are divided into two distinct camps: flour or corn. Most often a single household will have to have both types of tortillas on hand, literally, to keep the peace. While both flour and corn tortillas are great, the biggest problem with corn tortillas is they tend to be dry, or once the package is opened, they get stale rather quickly if not used up right away. And sadly, they are often slightly stiff, or torn even when the package is just opened. It’s practically impossible to buy them in packages less than ten, and are prone to break when you are trying to fold them. In general, mass produced corn tortillas are a little bit of a let down. Continue »

The Bump to Baby Show



Calling all expectant mothers, significant others and their friends and families! This Sunday, May 15, The Wychwood Barns on Christie Street is hosting The Bump to Baby Show, a day long event that lets you know what to expect when you’re expecting. The brainchild of Dr. Rachel Schwartzman N.D & Mira Heitz E.C.E, the event will focus on and present products, services, apparel, nutrition and health, wellness and fitness options, and much more.

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Perennials: Early spring blue

Ajuga in flower

Ajuga (or Bugleweed) is a common groundcover with exquisite blue flowers.

The rejoicing starts when the first perennials start blooming in the garden. And the fact that so many are blue—one of my favourite garden colors—is an added bonus.

Vinca's masses of blue flowers are a welcome sight in spring.

Vinca’s masses of blue flowers are a welcome sight in spring.

One of the first to bloom is vinca, (at left) a dead easy to grow ground cover that grows in shade. Roundabout now it’s completely covered in little blue flowers that bumblebees are happy to see. Be careful, it’s a true ground cover, so don’t plant it where you don’t want it to spread. It does well in the shade, and that’s another plus of vinca.

Another of my favourite spring blue-bloomers is Pulmonaria. It gets its common name lungwort from the circular pattern on its leaves that look a little like a cross section of a lung. The species comes out in flowers that are pink and blue. There’s also a fully blue variety, ‘Blue Ensign’. Bees really love them, and you can’t blame them, it’s their first meal after a long winter sleep. It’s an ideal garden perennial that the bees can feed from early in the season.

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Our Proud Producers: Death In Venice Gelato


It may be safe to say that Kaya Ogruce has found his calling and Toronto aficionados of gelato and sorbetti are rejoicing.

The peripatetic Ogruce was born in Istanbul, studied engineering at the University of Toronto and after graduating became interested in food science, began work at Terroni in Toronto, then attended Stratford Chefs School, apprenticed at Scaramouche and staged at the three-Michelin-star Oud Sluis in Holland.

Back in Toronto, he is now making some of the best and most original gelato and sorbetti around as founder of Death in Venice Gelato Co. Which you can taste (and buy!) in-store tomorrow, May 7th, during the Death in Venice demo from 11-3pm.

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