Thank You Very Matcha




Have you tried matcha yet? Health enthusiasts everywhere are extolling the virtues of this fine powder tea, adding it to smoothies, making desserts and ice cream from it, and it even makes an appearance in Green Tea lattes at your favourite coffee joint.You can brew it thick or thin, and drink it hot or cold, mixed with milk and sugar, or add it to tempura batter. Matcha, it seems, as a drink or dessert or supplement is here to stay.Matcha is made from shade-grown green tea leaves; about 3 weeks before harvesting the buds, the plant is protected from the sun to stimulate the production of chlorophyll and amino acids. The dark green buds are laid out in the shade to dry, and the veins of the leaves and stems are removed. When totally dried, the buds are stone-ground into a bright, fine green powder. Continue »



Sunflowers in Prince Edward County

Sunflowers in Prince Edward County


The storied sunflower is a truly incredible plant; tall and majestic, a few sunflowers make any garden a must –see. The centerpiece of any self respecting still-life it is prized and heavily cultivated for its seeds and oil and pastoral images of acres of sunflowers all with their heads held high toward the sun is an iconic image of late summer in many places throughout Ontario. Continue »

The Summery Wonders of Lemon Balm


Lemon Balm


Lemon balm is one of those plants that just grows and grows on you. And grows and grows in your garden. It requires very little care, meaning it is great for casual gardeners, or those that just want a lovely bushy plant to occupy-or encroach upon- a space, and both the leaves and flowers give off a lively, refreshing lemony aroma year after year. Lemon balm oil is highly prized in aromatherapy for its uplifting and calming effects, and its delicate little white flowers give off an alluring perfume that bees find irresistible; in fact, its scientific name is Melissa officinalis, Melissa being derived from the Greek word for bee. (who knew?) Continue »

World Turtle Day


Wood Turtle

Wood Turtle


It is said that every dog has its day. But, sorry Rover, not today; today is World Turtle Day! You may be asking yourself, “Do we really need a World Turtle Day?” Well, if you care about the environment, and if you think that humans have a responsibility to treat this planet and its creatures with as much care as possible, if you believe that we should ensure that the world we leave our children is in as good shape as the one our parents left us, then yes, we need a World Turtle Day. Continue »

Masa Harina Tortillas


When it comes to tortillas, aficionados are divided into two distinct camps: flour or corn. Most often a single household will have to have both types of tortillas on hand, literally, to keep the peace. While both flour and corn tortillas are great, the biggest problem with corn tortillas is they tend to be dry, or once the package is opened, they get stale rather quickly if not used up right away. And sadly, they are often slightly stiff, or torn even when the package is just opened. It’s practically impossible to buy them in packages less than ten, and are prone to break when you are trying to fold them. In general, mass produced corn tortillas are a little bit of a let down. Continue »