The Bump to Baby Show



Calling all expectant mothers, significant others and their friends and families! This Sunday, May 15, The Wychwood Barns on Christie Street is hosting The Bump to Baby Show, a day long event that lets you know what to expect when you’re expecting. The brainchild of Dr. Rachel Schwartzman N.D & Mira Heitz E.C.E, the event will focus on and present products, services, apparel, nutrition and health, wellness and fitness options, and much more.

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International Women’s Day: Kate Aitken



Tuesday is International Women’s Day, celebrated around the world every on March 8. Originally started back in 1909 in New York City to commemorate the strike of the women in the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union that occurred the year before, the day has since evolved around the world to honour, respect and celebrate the political and social achievements of women everywhere. And today we would like to give a shout out to one of the all-time greats when it comes to Canadian Women, Kate Aitken. Kate Aitken, born in 1891 in Beeton, Ontario, was a schoolteacher by the time she was 16, then successfully ran a chicken farm with her husband and got into radio broadcasting in the 1930’s somewhat by accident, filling in for an injured worker in a small radio station. By the end of the nineteen forties she was one of the best known broadcasters in Canada, with daily programs on the CBC that attracted millions of listeners. Continue »

Monday is Family Day



Is it just a coincidence-or is it fitting- that Family Day immediately follows Valentine’s Day? This Monday, February 15th is Family Day in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, a holiday that was originally created so families could spend time with each other, but also because, let’s face it, we need a break in this bleak month; the last holiday was New Years Day and the next one doesn’t happen until Good Friday. That just won’t do. Continue »

The Home Ec Big Outdoor Kitchen Party

This is the time of year when everyone goes canning crazy. Unless you’re someone who doesn’t know the first thing about preserving. If that’s the case and you’re feeling left out of all the fun of making your own jams, pickles and chutneys then you are in luck. This weekend you can attend the first ever Home Ec Big Outdoor Kitchen Party at Harbourfront Centre and you can learn how to preserve and pickle from some of the best canners in town.



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Allan Gardens Christmas Flower Show 2013


When December in the city is gloomy, there’s no snow on the ground, and the sun disappears at four o’clock, Allan Gardens is a favourite winter destination. The Christmas Flower Show at Allan Gardens Conservatory does more than get you in the holiday mood. As soon as you walk in the door, the scent of flowers and thousands of growing things soothes your spirit. As you walk through the winding paths, a non-stop display of greenery and flowers unfolds. 

Poinsettias and other greenery at Allan Gardens.

Poinsettias and other greenery at Allan Gardens.

Right now, the show boasts a sea of poinsettias, massed in bands of colour: pinks, white, scarlet red and deep wine. I’ve ever seen so many poinsettias in one location, there are absolute rivers of them. If you’ve ever been underwhelmed by a single “office poinsettia” in a pot, do yourself the favour of experiencing them this way:  They’re really at their best in this kind of abundance.

Pink cyclamen, scarlet fuchsia, and orange solanum pseudocapiscum

Pink cyclamen, scarlet fuchsia, and orange solanum pseudocapiscum

Other seasonal flowers brighten the space too. Delicate white, pink and red cyclamen flowers shimmer over whorls of patterned leaves. Paperwhite narcissus flowers perfume the air. Tiny orange globes of Solanum pseudo capsicum make an unexpected colour contrast with the pinks and reds. The way the floral designers combine plants is constantly surprising. I kept finding new colour and texture combinations everywhere I looked. 

Topiaries and obelisks in Victorian themes, and evening candlelight add to the charm of the show. In the main palm room, a special display of green people sporting gorgeous duds made of succulents and moss stand next to a grand piano. Come often, every time you visit it’s likely to be a bit different, with new plant varieties coming into bloom. Admission is free. The show runs till January 12th.