Baristas Are Clamouring For This Incredible Product!

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This Monday July first is Canada Day, so today we thought we’d look at a company that is doing our country proud; Earth’s Own, a Canadian company based in British Columbia that is producing fantastic plant-based beverages that are as good for you as they are for the earth. Continue »

This Bread is Reducing Food Waste, One Slice At A Time


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We are all aware of the vast amount of food waste that Canadians generate. It’s shocking, really; the average Canadian wastes 170 kilograms of food every year. This weekend, meet one entrepreneurial Canadian who is doing something about it, using leftover grains from the brewing industry to make fabulous, artisanal sourdough bread. Taste it for yourself in the store this Sunday, February 3rd, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Continue »

Tomatofest….Quite a Fest Indeed


Last Thursday 20 of Toronto’s most dedicated foodies gathered under Fiesta Gardens’ canopy and made some magic happen. Arm in arm they chopped, crushed, sterilized and stirred their way to some absolutely delicious jars of tomato sauce. Continue »

Don’t Miss TomatoFest!

As part of Tomatofest! we’re having a Tomato Canning Party at Fiesta Gardens.

On August 9th at 5pm, 20 people will gather under the Garden Centre canopy and walk away with cans of tomatoes to lasts through the winter months. The event is co-hosted and run by The West End Food Co-op, Toronto’s almost open food hub working to create a thriving local food culture in Toronto’s West End. The price of admission will be donated to the West End Food Co-op.

Hurry as tickets are very limited.


Tomatofest is a celebration of all things tomato. This celebration of tomatoes is a unique collaboration between Fiesta Farms and The West End Food Coop, Toronto’s almost open food hub working to create a thriving local food culture in Toronto’s West End.

On August 9th from 5-8 we invite YOU to join us under the Fiesta Garden’s Canopy (across the road from Fiesta Farms) for a Tomatofest! Canning party. Hosted by Fiesta Farms and The West End Food Coop, we’ll be working together to jar lots of tomatoes to take home & use to create other great recipes like the ones you find on this page.

Registration for this event is very limited, so be sure to sign up today.  The $10 fee will be donated to The West End Food Coop’s Community Cannery.

The recipes for tomato sauce, salsa and ketchup you’ll find on this page are all from The West End Food Coop’s Community Cannery, a series of ongoing workshops where community members can everything from apples to zucchini. These folks know what they’re doing, so be sure not to miss out!

See you on August 8th!