Our Top Romantic Restaurant Picks For Valentine’s Day

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Have you made plans yet for Valentine’s Day? This is one of the busiest days in the restaurant year and local dining establishments are pulling out all the stops to woo you as you woo you know who. Today we are having a look at six places that are really getting into the spirit of things, offering special menus to make the evening as lovely and romantic as it should be. Make sure you reserve that perfect table for two at your favourite place now. Continue »

Things To Do This Week

February has set in and like a grumpy old relative refusing to leave anytime soon. But there are lots of happenings in and around Toronto in February that should renew your enthusiasm and get you out and about. Here are just a few food related activities that are of interest to us this week, starting with today!


Mediterranean Sea Bass at Auberge du Pommier for Winterlicious

Mediterranean Sea Bass at Auberge du Pommier for Winterlicious

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Peanut Butter Like You’ve Never Seen It Before



PB2 is a new product that will change the way you look at peanut butter. Peanut butter has been with us since the Aztecs ground roasted peanuts into a paste, and it was a Canuck, a chemist named Marcellus Edson from Montreal who obtained the first patent for peanut butter, a product he developed as a nutritious food for people who had difficulty chewing solid food. Continue »

Food Literacy Goals Celebrated

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Things are really moving forward in a positive way in Ontario when it comes to providing better food systems for all. With all the hard work done by the tireless food advocates throughout our province finally being addressed, changes are at last being made that will benefit farmers, producers and consumers in Ontario.

The Ontario Provincial Government just made three small steps towards better food systems. On January 29 the Ontario government released three much anticipated aspirational food literacy goals under the Local Food Act:


  • Goal 1: Increase the number of Ontarians who know what local foods are available.
  • Goal 2: Increase the number of Ontarians who know how and where to obtain local foods.
  • Goal 3: Increase the number of Ontarians who prepare local food meals for family and friends, and make local food more available through food service providers.

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Tigernut Isn’t Actually A Nut



a field of chufa sedge


Tigernuts are actually the roots of the grass cyperus esculentus commonly known as chufa sedge, yellow nutsedge, or because of the nutty attributes of this amazing little tuber, earth almond. The grass is found throughout the world, Europe, China, Africa and the Pacific Islands, often growing as a weed, and has been harvested and cultivated for millennia;  as a staple for our early ancestors and esteemed by the ancient Egyptians for food and medicine. Continue »