Nutritional Yeast: Not Just Another Pretty Face



Okay, let’s face it, nutritional yeast is not much to look at. Maybe Shreck would use it to garnish his gruel, but other than that, nutritional yeast is one of those ingredients that is destined to be esteemed for its health benefits not its visual appeal. Continue »

How Chia Got It’s Groove Back.




Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past half dozen years, you’ve heard about the wonders of chia seeds. For most of us, the first time we heard of these little beauties was the chia pet. While we may have mocked the chia pet, few of us realized that we’d be eating our words a few years later when the health benefits of those little seeds became apparent, and prized for more than just their starring role in an ill-advised novelty gift. Continue »

Is There Too Much Oil In Your Diet?

Sardines in their tin.

Sardines in their tin.


Do you deep fry everything you eat? Is crispy bacon considered a mandatory garnish on most of your meals? Probably not. But if you are eating out a lot and frying most of your veggies rather than steaming or roasting – then you may be getting too much oil.

Dietary trends-and advice-come and go. In the old days, fat was good for you; prosperous men and women from Dickensian Britain to the mid-twentieth century were all a little pear-shaped. Then fat became a villain, and we were told to avoid it. We all read up on trans fats, saturated fat, hydrogenated fats, partially hydrogenated fats… fat was bad. Now it’s not so bad after all; some is good, some, not so much. Avocados are full of oil, does that mean we should eat less of them? What about fried chicken? Help! Continue »

Toronto’s Best Curry



We have the most incredible restaurant scene representing the entire globe right here in this one bustling city. If you want to go out for curry on any given night there are so many places to choose from. In order to introduce Torontonians to some new restaurants, and chefs, there will be a Curry Battle this Monday at the Drake Hotel. Organized by myself and Suresh Doss, there will be five restaurants dishing up delicious South Asian curries for everyone to try.

Continue »

The Secret To Great Pad Thai and Chicken Wings…



It was the great Canadian intellectual Marshall McLuhan who coined the term “Global Village,” the metaphorical shrinking of the world due to advances in technology and information. And the term may be expanded to include the kitchens of the world as well; a generation ago it might have been unheard of for a home in Tamworth, Ontario to have a jar of wasabi in the fridge, or rice paper wraps in the cupboard. Grab your tamarind, you know you’ve got some, and let’s kickstart the weekend.  Continue »