Top Ten Coconut Milk Dishes



Coconut milk is an incredible ingredient, it is so versatile and can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. It is going beyond Thai cuisine and can be found in myriad new recipes. Check out the hashtag #TKEveryday for more ideas on how to use coconut milk in your kitchen and take a look at my absolute favourite coconut recipes: Continue »

Prepare Your Grill For Grilling Season



Hello sunshine! Isn’t it nice to see a bright blue sky at seven p.m., the snow receding from your lawn, the chill of winter air mingling with the occasional warm breeze…and in just eleven days – it’s hard to believe – it will be spring, the vernal equinox, the day that the sun’s path, moving from the southern hemisphere to the north, crosses the equator. On March 20, the day is the same length as the night, which for many of means only one thing; it’s time to clean up the trusty barbecue and get it ready for the first grilling of the year! Continue »

A New Ginger Ale On The Scene

OD-AH995_Ginger_DV_20110621231943   Often people get hooked into buying the most popular brand because they got lured by a great advertising campaign, or a catchy jingle, or because their favourite movie star endorses it. And once hooked, it is hard to switch allegiances; better the devil you know than the one you don’t. We become owned by a name brand, we reach over a label we don’t recognize for old faithful. Take carbonated drinks as an example. Multi-million dollar campaigns in the seventies and eighties pitted Coke against Pepsi in “blind” taste tests, the theory being that if people judged a product without bias they would purchase the one that tasted better. Getting people branded is a lot easier than getting them to change their minds. Continue »

Happy Anniversary Christine Cushing!

“My advice when it comes to choosing oil is this: Pick an oil that you love the flavour of. It’s like wine. Use it how you prefer and store it properly in a cool dark place. Here it’s the opposite of wine as its flavour lessens the longer you keep it. So don’t be storing your favourite bottles for years in the cellar.”-Christine Cushing


an olive grove in Greece

an olive grove in Greece


One of Canada’s favourite chefs and busiest food personalities is celebrating an anniversary this year! It’s been ten years since Christine Cushing introduced her signature extra virgin olive oil and it’s going stronger than ever. She has even introduced a line of frozen desserts that feature her 100% extra virgin olive oil.

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We Are What We Eat – Magnesium

Popeye-Spinach   We all know that we are what we eat, that our bodies are made of elements that are required to build and maintain this mortal coil; 99% of our bodies are composed of just six elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen nitrogen, phosphorous and calcium, (made memorable by the acronym CHONPC). Five other elements, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine and magnesium make up the remaining 1%. Yet all of these elements are our clay, and all are essential for life. Miss out on a few of these and suffer the consequences. And there are other trace elements found in our bodies too, some of which are essential in their given role, like fluorine, which seems to only harden tooth enamel. Continue »