Sandra’s Piri Piri Sauce



Today we are looking at an item in our pantry that is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free, no salt, sugar or preservatives are added; it is all natural, it is made in Toronto, and when it comes to transforming your dish from simply delicious to sublime, it makes all the difference. Continue »

Syrian Cuisine: Qatayef




It’s always exciting learning about new foods and trying new recipes, especially so when the recipe hails from another part of the world. And if the recipe happens to be a scrumptious dessert, so much the better! How about a small, hand-held yeast pancake, folded over and filled with creamed cheese and nuts, then fried until crunchy on the outside, and then served with a sweet and delicately scented orange blossom syrup. How does that sound? Continue »

The Most Canadian Supper: Split Pea soup and Molasses Bread




When planning ahead for a holiday feast you would do well to also plan for the leftovers. If you’ve had turkey as your centrepiece recently, turkey soup, pot pies and sandwiches are usually the go-to ways to enjoy the feast to the last morsel. This year we had a large family dinner so decided to serve a ham as well. And whenever we have a ham, we follow it up with split pea soup. Continue »

Oh My Darling Clementine




My mother-in-law grew up in the dirty thirties, and whenever Christmas rolls around she trots out the old story about how one Christmas all she and each of her her ten siblings got was an orange. I don’t think she is unique in this regard; stories of folks giving and receiving an orange, or tangerine or clementine for Christmas are part of the lore surrounding the holiday. And from what I understand, it was a pretty magical gift in snowy New Brunswick during the Great Depression; exotica from another land, maybe California or Jaffa, a small miracle you can hold in your hand. Continue »

Giving to Food Banks Never Goes Out of Style




There is a lot of gift-giving going on these days, there are so many people to buy for, so many gifts to get for those who seem to have everything, so many cookies to bake and turkeys to baste. So much giving! T’is the season!

T’is indeed. Of course the irony is we spend the time and money on those with plenty, not those in need. This year, instead of buying Uncle Harry another trout tie, or naming a star after your second cousin’s half-brother, how about considering those less-fortunate, those in our city who are easy to buy for, those who are hungry, or cold. Continue »