The Lemonade of Your Dreams



The lemonade of my personal dreams is made with lemons that have been grilled. Then I purée some watermelon and add a bunch of Perrier so it is slightly effervescent and not too sweet. Continue »

Easy Propagating Perennials: Sedum Plants

Large swaths of flowering plants best for design and for use by pollinators.

Large swaths of flowering plants best for design and for use by pollinators.

Want to increase your stock of perennial plants? It’s worth your while to make new plants, to share or to make a bigger splash in the garden. Plus, it’s easy and fun.

Propagation varies in terms of easiness, but sedums, like ‘Autumn Joy’ or its other variants are a good place to start as they are one of the easiest. Sedums are one of my favourite perennials for many reasons. Pollinators go crazy for their flower nectar, and as they are succulent, they are super low maintenance. They are also one of the hardiest perennials, and one of the few that will over-winter in a container.

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Coo-coo for coconuts?

We have a huge VITA COCO demo outside the store Saturday, June 24th from 11am-3pm.

They’ll be giving out all-natural coconut water to the first 1200 customers.

Free coconut water + the rad VITA COCO van + great music = a must for your weekend.

See you all there!



Summer Grilling: Spiducci




We love grilling and barbecuing in the summer-and in other seasons too, for that matter- and the more we grill, or barbecue, the more we discover different methods of grilling and smoking, and the more we are motivated to seek out new recipes and explore and sample different culinary masterpieces that we can add to our repertoire. One such discovery-for those of us late to the party- is spiducci, the classic Italian meat skewers.

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Good News! (No News is good news)

For a while now, there have been rumours that Fiesta Farms is for sale. We’ve never bothered to comment before but this time the rumours have done a bit of spreading.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s the bottom line: Fiesta Farms isn’t going anywhere.

If you’ve got a moment and are interested in knowing more about what’s fueling the speculation, stick around:


  • Fiesta Farms doesn’t currently own the land we’re sitting on.
  • The land we’re sitting on is for sale and has been for a while.
  • We have every intention of being the ones doing the buying.
  • Fortunately, our lease gives us first right of refusal over any offers.
  • In the worst case scenario, we have an iron-clad lease that will keep us rooted in this community for years to come.

We love this neighbourhood, the grocery and garden centre business, the people who shop here, live nearby, work with us, and share our values.

We’re a family run business with three generations of family members working here.

We ain’t going nowhere.

Thanks for the love, support, and attention, especially on Twitter. While no one likes to be the subject of unfounded rumours/speculation, some of the responses and concerns have been positively blush-inducing.

See you this summer, and for many years to come.

Fiesta Farms & Garden Centre