The Kitchen Tool No Chef Can Live Without



In professional kitchens there is no shortage of kitchen tools, the tried and true staples that are necessary to creating great food. Though you won’t often find a garlic press or a melon baller in every restaurant kitchen you will definitely see ladles, whisks, rubber spatulas, and the most important tool in any chef’s arsenal -aside from their knives, of course- is the old-fashioned pair of kitchen tongs. Continue »

Bragging Rights: Homemade Butter

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You know how you’re all impressed when you go to a restaurant and they serve “house-made” butter with the basket of bread? Well it turns out that making your own butter is incredibly easy. And when it comes to wow factor, serving your own house made butter is guaranteed to get you some bragging rights. Continue »

The Greatest Garnish of All Time


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For many cooks, and foodies as well, the proper garnish makes all the difference. Whether it’s chopped scallions floating on a bowl of soup, or a little sprig of mint nestled beside that cheesecake, the proper garnish is often the cherry on top. Today we have a look at one of our favourites.. Continue »

Hot Cross Buns!

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This weekend is Easter, and Friday marks the end of Lent, a period of  abstinence and fasting for many Christians, starting right after Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras. That’s forty days of willpower, my friends, and explains why one of the season’s most celebrated treats are hot cross buns. But just what is a hot cross bun, and why are people so crazy for them this time of year?

Continue »

Leek Love

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Leeks are not your everyday vegetable, not the most ubiquitous member of the alliums; they don’t have the same level of popularity as the workhorse cooking onion or the deli favourite, red onion, or even the milder shallots and scallions. But leeks definitely have their place too, and today we look at how you can get a little leek love into your life. Continue »