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The Southern Po’Boy Cookbook

po boy cover


I’m just a poor boy, I need no sym­pa­thy…”- Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody

It is March break and the snow­birds have descended on sun­nier climes, slap­ping on the sun­block, play­ing canasta by the pool and indulging in the local fare. It is pretty much com­mon knowl­edge that if you want authen­tic Cou cou with Flying fish, you should go to Barbados, if you want authen­tic Texas Barbeque, make a road trip to the Salt Lick  in Driftwood, Texas, and if you have a han­ker­ing for a clas­sic New Orleans Po’Boy sand­wich,  recently declared the Best Regional Sandwich in America by the Huffington Post, you’re going to want to stroll the quaint streets of the French Quarter and check out Johnny’s Po-boys.  

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Escape To the Caribbean With This Cookbook




This win­ter is a real doozy, and it is only half over! Dreams of sun­ning myself on a beau­ti­ful white beach some­where in the Caribbean have been danc­ing in my head for the past sev­eral weeks, and my face­book feed is over­flow­ing with pho­tos of my friends doing just that. For those of us unable to make it down to the steel drums of Jamaica or any of the des­ti­na­tion islands, maybe the best way to indulge in the tastes and aro­mas of the Caribbean is to open Jonathan Phang’s The Pepperpot Club– A Celebration of Caribbean Cuisine. Continue »

Modern Native Feasts

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Have you ever been asked to name a clas­sic “Canadian” food? If so you will prob­a­bly end up jump­ing on the pou­tine band­wagon, or half heat­edly sug­gest­ing a but­ter tart, any­thing with maple syrup, a beaver tail, tortiere or molasses bread, or a Canadian re-invention of a tra­di­tional European dish that has been accli­ma­tized by gen­er­a­tions, influ­enced by local fare and adapted to fit the Canadian dis­po­si­tion.
Of course there is a cui­sine that has been a part of this land for much, much longer, one that is finally get­ting its share of recog­ni­tion and gar­ner­ing unprece­dented acclaim by the food cognoscenti; tra­di­tional Native Cuisine. Chefs like Aaron Joseph Bear Robe and his mirac­u­lous lit­tle Keriwa Café suc­cess­fully mar­ried tra­di­tional native fare with high end flair and intro­duced thou­sands of Toronto din­ers to an amaz­ing new world of region­ally sourced cui­sine that was at once rus­tic and sub­lime, local and exotic. Continue »

Great Pub Food At Home


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The last two cook­books we’ve reviewed have been pretty top-heavy with leafy greens. Kathryn Anible’s Leafy Greens cook book and Susan Sampson’s oeu­vre in the same vein are both mar­velous, infor­ma­tive and packed with the best ingre­di­ents and the best inten­tions. But let’s face it, some­times you have to let your hair down a bit and cook some­thing slightly less vir­tu­ous. Continue »

Meatless: It’s Not Just For Mondays

“And for all the dietary con­fu­sion we face, nutri­tion­ists have yet to say a bad word about vegetables”-Alanna Stang, Editor in Chief, Whole Living




A gen­er­a­tion ago it was a fairly uncom­mon prac­tice to abstain from a meat-based diet, but now you will not even raise an eye­brow if you tell your friends you are vegan, or veg­e­tar­ian. With more and more peo­ple opt­ing for a diet that does not rely so heav­ily on ani­mal based pro­teins, more and more vari­a­tions on this theme are becom­ing the norm; most of us have gone a day or two abstain­ing from meat, or dairy, we par­tic­i­pate in Meatless Mondays, we have added more plant based pro­teins in the form of beans and legumes and grains like quinoa, and are dis­cov­er­ing a whole new world of healthy, well-balanced and deli­cious culi­nary delights. Whether you are full-on vegan, veg­e­tar­ian, pescatar­ian or flex­i­tar­ian, there is a cook­book out there that will offer count­less invig­o­rat­ing and healthy options for you. Continue »