Grocery Store Who’s Who – Canned Chili

Did you know that there are a dozen different varieties of Stagg Chili? There’s the Classic Two Bean, Silverado Beef, Turkey Ranchero, Laredo with green chiles and jalapenos, even a white chili with chicken.

Stagg chili, a staple of frat house pantries and dorm rooms everywhere.

Stagg has been around since 1955. In a Google search 9,300 Stagg Chili recipes come up, most are for dips and use softened cream cheese. Stagg is the most popular canned chili in the UK. In the USA it is often used in Frito Pie.

The classic preparation of this tailgate staple requires individual sized bags of Frito corn chips, grated cheese, sour cream and heated chili. Dump half the corn chips out of the bag and set aside, spoon hot chili over remaining corn chips in bag, sprinkle in cheese, top with the rest of the corn chips and finish with sour cream. Eat it right out of the bag. Rosie O’Donnell and Emeril Lagasse are hardcore fans of this culinary delight.

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