Grocery Store Who’s Who – Jamon Chips

After seeing our post on canned chili, Joel Solish aka Foodie 411, sent in this photo. We asked him for more information and suddenly had a guest blogger on our hands.

Here we present Foodie 411’s 1st post:

These chips were a gift from a friend after their visit to Barcelona and a great gift for a foodie and bacon fanatic like myself. This is a brand that we recognize globally but flavours often tend to be quite regional. Lays, the parent company of Ruffles offer many different flavour variations around the world. In Thailand you can try Spicy Chili Squid chips, or head to Russia for Crab & Red Caviar. The Cucumber & Goat’s Cheese flavour is popular in Belgium, while Romanians go for Baked Chicken chips with Lemon & Thyme. Then there’s Magic Masala chips in Bangladesh, Lasagna chips in Argentina or Paprika chips in Germany.

The flavour of the Jamon chip is quite decadent, salty and smokey. It is like no chip I have tasted in North America.

Now, I make it a habit when traveling to sample the local snack food, it’s a great way to connect with the local tastes and culture.

There is always something interesting to discover at out of the way markets or small grocery stores, while at the same time experiencing a non-touristy version of a country. It pays to shop where the locals shop.

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