For the Love of it – your chance to win a framed print!

John Gundy’s photo exhibit is coming to a close this Monday and he’s giving away three framed prints on closing night. See below for details.

It is rare in today’s world to see someone doing something for free, but to see someone do something really really well, full time for free is outrageous.

John Gundy is that guy. He’s obsessed with photography and he’s turned his skilled eye on Ontario’s food scene. Tirelessly snapping sweaty chefs, sauced sommeliers and still life with swiss chard, John’s exhaustive coverage is finally on display.

His photos explore all aspects of the food scene, from the manic pace of a busy kitchen to the serenity of a vineyard. He’s captured all of our most lauded chefs, from Jamie Kennedy to Jonathan Gushue, in action with their teams slicing, simmering and sauteeing. This is an important show that exposes just how vibrant and vital our food scene is.

Chef Anthony Walsh on the hunt for wild turkey

You can see his work from now until March 29th at The Department, 1389 Dundas Street West.

The closing night party features food from top chefs, Anthony Walsh (Canoe), Scott Vivian (Wine Bar), Joshna Maharaj (Studio Cafe) & John Lee (Chippy’s), plus wines from Tawse & Norm Hardie. There will also be a Langdon Hall getaway auctioned off.

Only $30.00 and you could walk away with one of these beautiful prints:

Chef Chris Hamburger foraging mushrooms

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