The Most Important Ingredient in the Whole World

Hawaiian pink, Venetian black, Iranian gold. Wait, it’s not what you think officer!

These are all gourmet salts from around the world, while some may argue for their different qualities and unique tastes in the end they are all just salt.

Salt is the most important ingredient we have at our disposal. It’s the number one solution for bland, anemic food. You can add spicy heat or tart acids, but nothing compares to salty salty salt.

That being said, if salt is such an important ingredient, then kosher salt it the best salt one can use. Chefs use kosher salt because it has a clean, pure taste and larger grains that are easier to pinch and regulate the amount. Fine-grained salt is for amateurs, if you want to look like a know-it-all gourmand ditch that table salt asap.

it even says ‘gourmet’ on the label. hello!

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