Locavore vs. the Dinosaur

Sarah Elton has written a brilliant, timely book about our country’s food systems. Traveling to each province, visiting farmer’s markets and talking to farmers has given Elton a panoramic view of the problems the locavore movement faces.

In an interview with GFR’s Malcolm Jolley the subject of supermarkets came up.

“Locavore demonstrates how small scale and direct models of food distribution, from CSA’s to roof-top gardens, are providing alternatives to industrial food logistics, but I wonder if they can ever be used in supermarkets, or whether supermarkets can ever change their practices. Elton shrugs, saying, “I ask myself whether supermarkets  are the dinosaurs of the food system or whether they can adapt.” Then, she wonders if  the answer may be somewhere in the middle, citing independent grocers like Fiesta Farms, which buy directly from local food producers.”

The Drake Hotel will be hosting the Locavore book launch this evening at 7pm. Type bookstore will be on hand to sell copies of the book and author Sarah Elton will be available to sign copies. There will also be a photographic slide show titled ‘Local Food Everywhere’ by ten Toronto photographers, both amateur and professional.

The Locavore will be at Hart House tomorrow evening as part of a Women in Food event. Come take part in a Community Kitchen with Sarah Elton, featuring a wine tasting with Southbrook Wines.

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