The Machiavelli

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Stappj, the perfect way to get your caffeine during the summer heat. From an Italian soda company founded in 1896, they produce nine different flavours including Orange, Lemon and Gossoso.

According to Wikipedia, “Stappj is a rather difficult beverage to find outside of its native Italy. This is due to the difficulty in finding a clientele able to stomach its potent blend of sugar and spring water.”

Kerry Knight, a fan of Stappj al Caffe, scoffs at this description, “It just tastes like sweet fizzy coffee. The ingredients are just coffee, sugar and carbonated water and that’s all it tastes like.”

Inspired, Kerry created a cocktail for summer, he christened it “the Machiavelli” saying, ” It will make you feel like a Renaissance man!”

The Machiavelli


2 oz. vanilla vodka

1 bottle Stappj al Caffe

3 coffee beans

ice cubes


1. Put a few ice cubes in a Tom Collins glass

2. add vodka

3. top with Stappj and drop in the coffee beans

4. Stir

Optional sexy garnishes – orange slice dipped half in instant coffee and half in vanilla sugar, make the dipped orange slices ahead of time and freeze.

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