it all started with a seemingly innocent tweet:

@fiestafarms truly Canadian foods – flipper pie, poutine, sugar pie/buttertarts, Joe Louis cakes, timbits…what else?

the responses came fast & furious!

@applecarlene: nanaimo bars?

@dreid63: Nanaimo bars, Saskatoon berry pie…still thinking.

@destiniya: beaver tails, saskatoon berry pie, nanaimo bars

@greenbeltca: ice wine, bannock, Montreal smoked meat

@dreid63: Tourtiere, bannock

@bookmistress: nanaimo bars, tourtière

@selectfinefoods: the banquet burger, peameal bacon sandwiches, fish n brews, Jigg’s dinner – what are some other iconic Canadian foods?

@chefbangerter: maple candy/snow cones, beaver tails, lobster rolls…

@yasminATlesauce: ketchup chips=canadian!

@edibleTORONTO: Pepsi & a May West (the Vachon cake) – for breakfast? Uniquely Quebecois.

@amyleslie: flapper pie? also pets de soeurs.

@amyleslie: cipate, tourtiere, pouding chomeur, molasses taffy. then out to the prairies: scuffles seem to be a sask thing.

@FridaRestaurant: We’d say Poutine for Cdn. food, red fife wheat bread, artisan cheese like Guernsey Girl (Chef Jose competed) & buttertarts

@edibleTORONTO: Spruce beer/biere d’epinette, Habitant pea soup, tarte au sucre, Au Petit Poucet maple-smoked ham, feves au lard, tourtiere…

@edibleTORONTO: …barbecue chicken w/ “chalet” sauce

Yum. Chalet Sauce.

Acclaimed food writer, Calvin Trillin, wrote on the subject of poutine and our national identity recently in the New Yorker. He’ll be in town this Wednesday to moderate the 11th annual Leacock debate.

This year’s motion, “Poutine Should be Declared the National Dish of Canada”….

What about Coffee Crisp and Pop Shoppe Lime Ricky?

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