Apron Strings – the ties that bind


In the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day we will be putting some exciting new content up on the site.

We’ll have guest posts from talented writers Joshna Maharaj, Sarah B. Hood, Mary Luz Mejia, Maia Filar and more. They will share stories of family food and how it has shaped their tastes and techniques today.

We’ve also got wonderful video footage of Jodi Lastman with some of our favourite grandmothers. These videos are meant to give insight into different ethnic cuisines while inspiring the viewer to look to their own grandmother for one cherished recipe. Have you ever wondered what ‘garling’ is? Well you better watch & find out as it is a very important ingredient that we’ve been taking for granted for far too long.

We want to hear from you, what are your favourite family recipes? Your uncle’s roast chicken? Your great aunt’s poppyseed cake? Mom’s pot pie? Whatever it is we want to hear from you. Keep an eye on the site for a chance to share memories, tastes, pictures and recipes.

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