Apron Strings Mother’s Day Brunch

On Mother’s Day, the ‘stars’ of the Apron Strings videos joined Joe Virgona, owner of Fiesta Farms for a special brunch in their honour. It was an intimate gathering at The Stop’s Beautiful Green Barns, and everyone brought a dish to share.

Nooria brought her amazing dumplings from the video (meat and vegetarian versions), Clara and Mafalda brought delicious rolled veal, Oma’s family brought a traditional French omelette, and Zhara brought a delicious Iranian rice dish. Everyone piled their plates high with an eclectic and delicious array of treats. It was a very special mother’s day indeed.

Take a peak at the amazing pictures shot by John Gundy (who Good Food Revolution said has shot “every local food gathering within a 100 so miles…for the past half decade.”)

Also, don’t miss this rare glimpse of Joe Virgona, owner of Fiesta Farms, caught on video charming 94 year old Mafalda by speaking Italian.

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