Antipasti Eggs And More!

Antipasti Deviled Eggs


Grossy Pelosi, aka Dan Pelosi, is the prolific Italian-American home cook who shot to Insta-stardom during lockdown. If you don’t follow him already, get on it. His feed is one of the most delicious on social media – pun intended. All of his recipes, mostly culled from his large Italian family, are the kind that make you want to get in the kitchen. From Antipasti Deviled Eggs to Cherry Nut Cake to Rainbow Bread – let’s take a look at the best of Pelosi!

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During the pandemic, the self-deprecating, self-proclaimed “meatball” evolved from weekend cook to full-on recipe guru, dishing up resources and delightful puns (“this too shall pasta,” “pumpkin to talk about” – Great Jones blog

By day he’s the creative director for Ann Taylor, who oversees in-store design and marketing, but after work he turns into an Italian nonna dishing up homey delights for his roommates in their 3 bedroom Brooklyn apartment.


Rainbow Bread!


Most of the homey recipes come from his family; his grandparents, his mother – and all are as cherished as they are delicioso. These are some of our favourites:

Possibly the most stunning use of sprinkles in a yeasted bread of all time. Check out Rainbow Bread: for Easter, for Pride, for every single day of the week. Also these Cherry Nut Cakes deserve a mention. Just look how cute!


Okay, let’s get serious here. How about some brown sugar and beer braised pork chops? Or a hearty feed of massive meatballs?



Not so much? We’ve got a veritable heat wave happening in the city right now. Only a few weeks ago we were playing shinny on outdoor rinks and today we’re sunbathing in Bellwoods. We’ll probably get another snowstorm before the real spring gets here, so let’s enjoy this while we can with some summery dishes. Here you go.


Zucchini Coins with Secret Sauce


Panzanella is a must. Perfect for using up the ends of loaves ensuring none of the fine bread you bring home gets wasted. Some of that bread can be blitzed into fresh breadcrumbs for the Fried Zucchini Coins which he serves with this incredible secret sauce. Try the Rigatoni with Eggplant or this summery pasta dish. And deviled eggs – done antipasti style!

There’s so much to choose from. Get inspired!

All images from the @grossypelosi IG account – follow him today

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