Today You Are Five!

Happy Birthday!

Here in Canada we don’t have much in the way of food magazines, no Saveur or Food & Wine, no Martha Stewart Living or Cook’s Illustrated. No, we might not have those big glossy tomes, but we’ve got something better.

Small, independent and local magazines like Saltscapes in the Maritimes, Occasions in Alberta, Eat Magazine in British Columbia, and a growing number of Edibles popping up (like our very own Edible Toronto -recently nominated for a 2010 Le Cordon Bleu World Food Media Award. Congratulations Gail!) showcase the unique cuisines of each province.

Instead of one Holy Grail that every chef, cookbook author, restauranteur & sommelier aspires to get their name into, we have many. As readers we are able to read a slew of different writers with vastly varied opinions and voices, rather than a clique of five or six patting the same people on the back month after month.

Today we want to congratulate one such publication, City Bites, the little local magazine that could. Five years in and still going strong. Through the worst era in print the world has ever seen, this little rag kept on publishing. Every few months there would be rumors of it’s demise but then you’d bump into the editor, Dick Snyder, at some charcuterie-laden schmooze-fest and he’d be all smiles handing out copies of the latest edition hot off the press.

With superlative content provided by the brilliant minds of John Szabo, John Gundy, Konrad Ejbich, Signe Langford, Malcolm Jolley, Maia Filar, Eric Vellend and many others, Dick has managed to provide this city with a magazine that speaks honestly and passionately about our food and wine scene. It is not sponsored by Hellman’s or dependent on ad revenue from MacDonald’s, and while the content may be skewed to our neck of the woods it still maintains a finger on the pulse of the food world at large.

Celebrate with Dick and the whole City Bites family tonight at the Drake Hotel. Everyone is welcome, free h’or d’ouevres provided by Hall’s Kitchen, the Drake and Madeleines, Cherry Pie & Ice Cream.

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