Garden In the City


Our yard is small, we live in the city so we accept it. Most of our gardening is done in containers. We stick to herbs and flowers mainly after a few unsuccessful attempts with tomatoes.

My husband Kerry is in charge of the yard. His idea of gardening is to let weeds thrive so things look lush & green, hence the lovely milkweed and crabgrass border leading to our door.

We have this horrible area in the back of the yard that barely gets any sun. Kerry decided he wanted to make it nice, so he transplanted some of his precious weeds over to it.

Enough was enough. I dragged him to Fiesta’s Garden Centre and told him to stock up on real plants. After the requisite ‘kid in candy store’ routine, we brought everything home and started planting.

Some English ivy, Lady ferns and forget-me-nots went in, with a few Stiletto hostas – the most reliable shade plant ever. Our dog Betty regularly digs up the hostas or lies on top of them and they just keep on growing. We like tough plants that can stand up to dogs. Maybe that’s why Kerry has such a soft spot for tenacious weeds.

Some other plants that do well in shade are wild geranium/cranesbill geranium, Jack-in-the-pulpit, Dogs Tooth violets, plumeria, bleeding hearts and Canadian Colombine.

Get yourself some rickety old pink flamingos and you’ve got a lovely shade garden. The forget-me-nots didn’t do so well, but everything else is thriving. It’s been hot & dry so Kerry is watering every day, including the milkweed & crabgrass border.


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