Salad Survey Results

homemade ranch dressing over iceberg with veggies and aged cheddar

We recently put out a survey asking people on twitter some questions about salad. We wanted to get an idea as to whether or not salad plays a big role in people’s lives. Boy does it ever! You guys are really passionate about your salad. Here are the results of the survey.

On average you say you eat salad five times a week. More of you make dressing from scratch than use store-bought. If you do use pre-made dressing the top pick is Kraft.

Arugula is your most beloved salad green, with 47.8% of the votes, followed by:

mesclun mix 30.4%

baby spinach 26.1%

romaine 21.7%

with the least favourite being Boston and watercress surprisingly!

For the worst salad you’ve ever had, KFC was neck and neck with potato salad made with Miracle Whip, but in the end the Miracle Whip pulled ahead with 41.2% of the votes. KFC got 35.3% and overcooked pasta salad came in third with 23.5%.

If you could only have one last salad before you die it would be:

“Lime jello & grated carrot… Because it’s was my favorite when I was little. Why not a little blissful nostalgia pre mortem, no?”

“Fig, cambozola, walnut and chicken over red romaine and a fresh basil/olive oil/red wine vinegar and shallot dressing.”

“Caprese, with tomatoes just picked and still warm from the sun.”

“Ontario strawberries with watercress, pecans and chevre with a lemon-poppyseed vinaigrette.”

“Waldorf Salad. I had it at a birthday party I went to in Kindergarden and it was transformative.”

“Arugula with lemon and freshly grated parmesan.”

Inspired now? Go throw together a salad already!

….wonder what our next survey should be about?

salad frenzy!

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