Finding Filo

Guest post by Jodi Lastman. Jodi is writing a blog about rediscovering cooking . You can find it at

Jamie Oliver is right when he says “Filo pastry can be bought in all supermarkets now, yet it often gets forgotten about.” I’d go so far as to say that I may have been deliberately ignoring Filo in the supermarket aisles. The thought of it has always been a bit bit daunting. All those delicate sheets of pastry seem to require more creativity and skill than I can muster. But, Jamie’s recipe for Asparagus and Potato tart seemed so simple, I overcame my fear and loaded some frozen Filo Factory into the shopping cart, and readied myself for the challenge ahead.

The Filo was surprisingly easy to work with. I transferred it from the freezer to the fridge the night before and set it on the counter two hours before using. I figured I needed to follow instructions and not throw it in the microwave to defrost it. Paper thin pastry just seemed like something I shouldn’t mess with.

I was rewarded for following the instructions. The sheets separated beautifully.  Even when my impatience got the better of me and the sheets tore a bit, no one would ever know. I just layered it up and hid my mistakes under mounds of cheesy potato topped with blanched stalks of asparagus.

The end result was light, fresh Filo tart that could have happily found a home in any Parisian boulangerie. And, it was the perfect way to squeeze in the last bites of Asparagus for the season.

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