The Grilling Survey Results

We are enjoying the sunny days of summer and most of us are cooking every dinner outside. It’s that time of year to give the  kitchen stove a rest and spend some time with the beloved barbecue.

What’s your favourite condiment? What makes for the perfect barbecue party?

We asked, you answered and here are the lovingly compiled results.

The majority of you like to make your own homemade BBQ sauce rather than use store-bought, but when you do buy it from the store you stick to President’s Choice.

Hank Hill would be very pleased, you chose propane over charcoal as your go-to incendiary unit.

Out of the following choices for favourite food to grill – steak, chicken, hot dogs, burgers, pork chops, eggplant, fish, shish kebabs – you chose steak. With shish kebabs coming in second and eggplant (?!?) in third. The porkchop got no love at all with 0% of the vote. Poor little pork chop.

When you cook that steak most of you like it between rare and medium, but 9.1% cook it blue rare!

When it comes to essential burger toppings, you’re not crazy about mayo, avocado, relish or banana peppers (each 16.3%) and you hardly give bacon a passing glance (only 8%). Lettuce, cheese & pickles get you more excited (each 33%) than sliced tomoato (25%) but not as much as red onion (41.7%). That just leaves the top two – ketchup and mustard. Who do you think was on top?

Ketchup did very well with 50% but mustard took the win with a whopping 83.3% of the vote. What an upset for ketchup, he thought he had this one in the bag. Mustard, the little underdog of the competitive condiment scene, reigns supreme.

Finally we asked you what the secret to a great barbecue party is and you overwhelmingly replied “Cold beer!”

While we definitely have to agree, we would also like to share a few more responses with you.

“Simple good quality food. None of that pre-fabricated, mass-produced, chemical laden crap.”

“Cold bevvies and good friends…even if someone burns the burgers you can still have a great time!”

“Sunshine, a kiddie pool, at least one dog and classic rock on the radio.”

“You can’t have a barbecue without watermelon and crack pie.”

“Cold drinks, warm food NOT warm drinks and cold food.”

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