Since you helped create the Rhubarb ad, we thought we’d give you a sneak peak of what will soon appear on the back page of the next Edible Toronto. Word is it hits newsstands this Friday. The comments screened across the back of the ad are your collected feelings about Rhubarb.

We put out the call (through email, our Facebook and Twitter communities) and were stunned by the number of brilliant responses. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on Rhubarb with us. Who knew?

Not all of them were in the final ad, but all of them are featured after the break. Let’s keep the momentum going. Send us your notes on Rhubarb, or what one person called “a celery stalk on steroids.”

Rhubarb is lemon’s sour combined with green apple’s tartness dressed in a celery stalk on steroids. It’s shocking, refreshing & so good (Alexa Clarke)

I love the sourness that pairs perfectly with the sweetness of strawberries. Funny that I then found out that in the Argentinian Patagonia we also have “ruibarbo” (Marina Queirolo)

Rhubarb always brings me back to the simplicities of youth. Nana, me, the rhubarb patch, & a small dish of sugar. Miss her! (@oxfordtourism)

Rhubarb crumble – made with juice of a blood orange and fresh ginger. (Nicole Belcourt)

Something people who grow it give away and something I’m always glad to receive (Maureen Argon)

It’s a gift of spring that comes back every year. One of the first things to show, it gives us these deep pink fists. that It is as much savoury as it is sweet. It has this wild intensity like a vine that is struggling but that produces such concentrated fruit (Jamie Kennedy)

Rhubarb is enticingly pretty, but freakishly tart (@goodeggchic)

Love it! Rhubarb soda or rhubarb mojito. (Guillermo Escalante)

Rhubarb and strawberry pie. The tart, fresh taste of early summer in Ontario (@sweetkeet)

First fruit of spring. Great with last frozen strawberries. Needs custard! (Bill Redelmeier)

I love rhubarb jam. I just add a little bit of local honey to it and pair it with deep fried goat cheese. (Scott Vivian)

My Mom had heavy wearever pots & pans. They would get black inside from cooking. Stewing the rhubarb in the pots made them sparkling clean (don’t eat the rhubarb though) (Avia Eek):

Having never seen or tasted Rhubarb before (we don’t have it in Colombia), I was 10 when I had some in a pie and remember saying, “This is good for pink celery!”  My pal’s parents burst out laughing. (Mary Luz Mejia)

Rhubarb is summer. (David Kruger)

I read somewhere that rhubarb only gained popularity in the 18th century when refined sugar became widely available. That has stuck with me, ’cause I love the idea that accessibility to sweeteners opens up the door to things that were otherwise too sour, tart or bitter to enjoy. (Joshna Maharaj)

Rhubarb makes me instantly flash to when I was five or six and used to pick stalks the length of my arm from my granny’s rhubarb patch, and then sit down with a bowl of sugar and eat the stuff raw. Makes me pucker to think about it now. (Mark Trealout)

Rhubarb leaves make great elf hats when placed upside down on your head (Ivy Knight)

Wispy wonders wide whimsical leaves/Shading sturdy spire regal sensation red/Erupting crumbling chocolate sumptuous soil/Compote (Voula Halliday)

Fresh Rhubarb tart topped with fresh Ontario strawberries and a dollop of water buffalo ice cream from Monforte on top. (Suresh Doss)

A great start to a fine cocktail (David Kirkwood)

Related to sorrel. (Vicki Emlaw)

When I was a kid we had this crazy rhubarb plant in our back yard. We actually thought it was a weed because we couldn’t get rid of it (Arlene Stein)

Rhubarb reminds me of when I was young sitting in a field with my brother with a container of sugar dipping and chewing on the raw stocks and spitting out the fibers of the sour rhubarb. We would return home holding our stomachs groaning from the discomfort. (Chris Brown)

Sorry, i don’t like rhubarb! it’s about the only thing i don’t like. Rhubarb sour puckers my face (Margaret Webb)

Tart enough to make you shiver, but teasing w/ a hint of summer sweetness (Alexa Clark)

Tangy, puckering, sweet and fruity at once, rhubarb  tastes like childhood to me (Dana McCauley)

The colour is a bright beautiful red, and it is tender when cooked. I really like to eat it with home made vanilla ice cream or chutney with a torchon de foie gras (Carlos Fuenmayor Bolivar)

Sweet meets sour (Rebecca LeHeup)

I’m 6, I’m on my grandparent’s farm and my grandmother has given me a teaspoon of sugar and a fresh stalk of rhubarb.(@kingofthenerds)

I love rhubarb crisp (@EatingNiagara )

My rhubarb patch this year is the biggest I’ve ever had!! It’s overtaking my arugula! (@rosieschwartz)

Rhubarb: Summer. Eyes squinting. Dipping my rhubarb in a small plate of salt. (@SomeSomersaults)

Picking the gorgeous fuchsia stalks from my mom’s garden (@joannelusted)

Rhubarb’s bright fuschia is a balm for the eyes after months of winter gray (@TerryBaymore)

Oh baby, nothing like fresh rhubarb. (@boomergirl50)

Toe-curling sour crunchy cold sweet summer goodness (@scent_diva)

Poached with ginger and cinnamon served over rice pudding (Amy Patterson McKay)

My Auntie Molly taking it home from our backyard. What she did with it I’ll never know. But it never made its way back (Jodi Lastman)

Stewed over freshly made custard! (Donna Francis)

Stewed rhubarb and apple smothered in thickened cream (Sharyn McMahon)

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