Waiter My Soup is Cold!

Baby it’s hot outside!

The perfect weather for salads, grilling, ice cream sandwiches and now, how about a little icy cold soup? We sent out a tweet the other day asking for cold soup recipe suggestions and quickly got overwhelmed by the response.

@JoMakesStuff suggested this chilled chickpea soup with yogurt and mint. @Lucers suggested a beautiful white gazpacho courtesy of Hugh Fearnley-Whittinstall. @SweetKeet recommended a cold raspberry soup with tapioca, garnished with mint leaves and sour green grapes. @ikapai and @saskyah both recommended chilled tomato soup using roasted tomatoes and dill. So many unique recipe ideas, how to choose?

A peek in the fridge helped make the decision. A head of romaine lettuce, a tub of plain yogurt, and a healthy dill bush in the front yard. Sauteed onions deglazed with white wine and simmered in chicken stock with a few new potatoes made the base. They were then blitzed up with chopped zuchinni, romaine, a few handfuls of frozen petit pois and a beautiful cold soup was born. Once chilled just garnish with plain yogurt and a sprinkle of dill. You could get fancy with some smoked salmon or caviar. Serve with champagne.

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