Herbs – Fresh Coriander

Herb gardens are going crazy all over town and we want you to make use of that bounty in every meal. Here we present a series of recipes and ideas for putting all those delicious plants to good use.

The leaves of this herb are known as cilantro and the seeds known as coriander. In July the plant blooms with tiny white flowers that give way to bright green seeds and these seeds are fresh coriander. They taste like a combination of the soapy, wild cilantro leaf and the spicy, aromatic dried coriander seed. They only last for a short time, make sure to use them while you can and if you can’t use them all just harvest and pop in the freezer.

They provide tiny bursts of unique flavour that you can toss into salads, garnish soups and spice up salsas and curries.

I like them in this Middle Eastern inspired quinoa salad. Quinoa is high in protein, contains a balanced set of amino acids, is a good source of phosphorous and is high in magnesium and iron. So put down that prepackaged bag of coleslaw and the tub of Miracle Whip. Make this salad right now.

Mix quinoa, currants, lemon juice and zest with shaved almonds, parsley, mint and fresh coriander seeds. Add some olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Simple.

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