Herbs – Mint

Herb gardens are going crazy all over town and we want you to make use of that bounty in every meal. Here we present a series of recipes and ideas for putting all those delicious plants to good use.

Mint is not just a garnish for your dessert plate. It is so hardy and comes back every year so you’ve got to find ways to use it up. The chocolate mint pictured is in it’s third year. No special fertilizers or anything, it sits in a planter in the sun and bursts forth every spring.

You know how your beer cooler smells all musty when you pull it out for that first camping trip of the year? Scrub it out, then add hot water and throw in a bunch of mint leaves, close the lid and leave for a day. The mint “tea” will clear out the mustiness and leave you with a fresh smelling cooler ready to be packed with beer. You can use mint to freshen up your suitcase, sleeping bags, tents. Just place a branch of fresh leaves inside and let the mint work it’s magic scent into every nook and cranny.

Behind the bar it belongs in cocktails like mint juleps and mojitos. In the kitchen try using it in savoury dishes, like watermelon salad with basil, feta and mint or minted peas. The perfect side dish to some grilled lamb and so simple to make. Fry up some shallots in butter, toss in fresh or frozen peas, season with salt and pepper, sautee. At the last minute toss in a bunch of roughly chopped mint and serve.

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