Herbs – Dill

Herb gardens are going crazy all over town and we want you to make use of that bounty in every meal. Here we present a series of recipes and ideas for putting all those delicious plants to good use.

I’m a total maniac for dill but I really only use it in the summer when it’s fresh and in my face. The tallest herb in the garden, with fronds that tickle your ankles reminding you that potato salad sucks without dill and so do bagels with lox, borscht, tuna salad, pickles, perogies and sour cream, dolmadakia, tartar sauce….

Dill just makes everything better. Pop a few dill flowers in with your next batch of quick cucumber pickles, add it to a Greek salad, mix it into butter and serve with pumpernickel bread and radishes, you could even use a few fronds to garnish your next gin and tonic.

My favourite use for this herb though is with fish, especially trout. Grill some trout then serve it up family-style next to a bouquet of dill and a bowl of lemon wedges. Fresh dill sprinkled over tender, grilled trout with a splash of lemon. Perfect.

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