What’s the craziest thing you’ve stuffed a plant into?

These succulents are planted into hollowed out mushroom table funghi.

Gardeners get to be good at finding objects to plant into. You don’t always have the perfect pot at hand when a plant needs a home. You might be planning a garden on a shoestring, so you make do with what’s lying around the house. Gardeners have been known to repurpose any hollow object we might discover.

My first roof garden many years ago was made in part with milk crates lined with plastic. Red plastic milk crates are not particularly attractive on their own, but I disguised the outside with bamboo curtain blinds. Good thing about crates is they hold a lot of soil, and stack nicely.

Sap pots as planters

Metal pots attached with ordinary hardware to a fence. Easy peasy.

Nowadays I collect anything metal, like old aluminum wash buckets for  planters. They look great clustered together. I have a passionflower in one that actually has rollers on the bottom, and a sturdy handle, useful when I have to move it.

I found these metal sap buckets attached to a fence with ordinary hardware. What sorts of non-traditional containers have you found useful, and what’s the craziest thing you’ve used to give a plant a home? What worked? What didn’t?

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