Garden Deco: The Sacred & The Profane

Choices are truly mind boggling. There was a pink flamingo too, but it flew away.

Where do you stand on garden decorations? From the classic cherub to the lady in the polka dot dress bending over, to sacred images, there’s lots you can plunk down in your garden space these days. It’s not just gnomes anymore. Of course you can still find gnomes around too, in various levels of grotesque vs cute.

I happen to like my sister’s small collection of classic looking concrete rabbits. I know one gardener who decorates her funky, edgy garden with bowling balls and plastic animals. I found a streamlined black cat at a thrift store last year that met my particular garden art standards: a little bit fun, a little bit classic.

Or maybe you are a purist and wouldn’t be caught dead with a gnome under your shrubbery. Weigh in on the comments.

Bunny & Head images ~ Helen Battersby

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