A Day in the Country is Worth a Month in Town

Country in town: Ashbridges Bay, Toronto. Chicory, Queen Anne’s Lace and sweet clover in bloom.

Before green apples blush,
Before green nuts embrown,
Why one day in the country
Is worth a month in town.

I agree completely with poet Christina Rossetti on this one. But while there isn’t any way to get “city” in the country—unless you count high speed internet—luckily there are plenty of places to get “country” in the city. You just have to find it. Back alleys, vacant lots, and untamed parkland are now full of wild flowers, like Queen Anne’s Lace, intensely blue chicory, and—the smell of summer, for me—sweet clover. I’m thrilled to have these wild green spaces in the city, like Evergreen Brickworks, and Ashbridges Bay by the lake. One thing, however, I’m sure I won’t see in the city is a group of wild turkeys crossing the road like those I saw this weekend in the country.

Why did the wild turkeys cross the road? Peer pressure, perhaps?

If you feel like Christina Rossetti and me, let us know  your city / country strategy. Fave places to go? Share in the comments!

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