Italian Black Cherries

Summer is in full stride, which means that we are blessed with an abundance of local, tree-ripened fruit. That being said, a hot summer day or sultry evening is also the perfect time to break out the Amarena Cherries.

Toschi Amarena has been flourishing in Italy and has developed a loyal following worldwide since 1945. The wild black cherries are preserved in syrup and may be one of the handiest  and versatile condiments to keep in your fridge. For the kids, mix a little in your fruit juice the next time you make kool aid popsicles. A tablespoon right out of the jar adds a delicious depth and sophistication to a bowl of vanilla ice cream, lemon gelato or plain yougurt, and will make a cherry milkshake like you’ve never tasted.

Make the classic cherry cheesecake with these gems and you will never go back; a little goes a long way with these babies, and a few added to a golden plum upside down cake will have your guests standing on their heads.

For the tipplers in the crowd, put a cherry in a champagne flute and top with your favorite sparkling wine for the classic Amarena Amoremio. Bring a little Old World into your next Manhattan and save the maraschino cherries for your mother’s fruitcake. On hot summer nights, make your Manhattan in a tall glass, add lots of ice, soda water and garnish with a sprig of lemon thyme; the Amaerna cherry will become the apple of your eye.

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