Chain-Link Fences Need Morning Glories

morning glories on fence

There’s a good reason they called these “Heavenly Blue”.

If I was Boss of the World, I would make this a law. No bare chain-link fences! (Insert visual of Joan Crawford here, crying “No Wire Hangers!”) I feel the same way about chain-link fence as Joan Crawford did about wire hangers: I’d like them to be non-existent. But I know it’s not going to happen. There must be miles of them in every city around the world, and they’re not going anywhere. However, if we could start covering them up with beautiful annual vines  it would go a long way to making a prettier city in the summer.

The ones above are “Heavenly Blue” and need to be started from seed every year. It’s well worth it to have these heavenly blue flowers open up every morning—they bloom all summer till frost—and I’m glad the people who own this fence planted them. I inwardly thank them every time I walk by with my dog.

These heirloom morning glories, “Grandpa Ott” self seed every year.

The ones in the picture above come up every year on the school parking lot fence near my house. What used to be dull is now alive with growth and colour. With the sun shining through them, they really are sensational. Grandpa Otts are an heirloom variety that are more purple then the Heavenly Blue, with a reddish throat. Again, they bloom till frost.

I think the teachers that park their cars here in the morning are cheered by the sight of these blooms.

By mid summer the fence is almost completely covered by the morning glories. The flowers are prolific with seeds, so there are always plenty to collect, for any aspiring Guerilla Gardener that has a similar fence they want to brighten up. Go forth and scatter!

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