Al Fresco: It’s Not Just a Guy Called “Al”

Al Fresco, the Italian expression, for “in the fresh air” has  made its way into English: alfresco. I love this expression, and this tradition: eating outdoors, lounging outdoors, reading outdoors, sleeping outdoors…fill in any blanks you want to. *wink*

What meal doesn’t taste better outdoors amongst the greenery? As night falls, lighting a few candles makes a table magical and meals memorable.

Why do we make garden spaces if not to be outside in them, enjoying them? Our long winters that keep us hibernating inside make it all the more compelling to live outside in the warmer months.

A nap that’s alfresco is more more heavenly, especially on a hammock.

No walls, just you, the garden and all that lovely air. Think about creating a comfortable and inviting space for yourself when you are planning your garden.

An afternoon reading a book is even more of an escape outside on a comfy vintage lounge chair. Add a cozy afghan and you might just doze off.

For the best al fresco experiences it’s essential to have a comfortable outdoor space amongst your plantings for you, your family and friends. Forget those rickety cafe tables. Create an outdoor space where you can lean back and really say, “Ahhhh…”

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