DIY: Make Your Own Blueberry Thrills

We hosted the kids’ booth at The Evergreen Brickworks Wild Blueberry Festival and had such success making blueberry died scarves that we couldn’t wait to share our ‘how to’s’ with you. This is a perfect, messy weekend project that is non-toxic and recalls the ancient roots of all the dyes we use today.

The final product, is truly useful. Who wouldn’t want a fabulous lavender muslin scarf to bridge summer to fall weather? Here’s a video from the Blueberry Festival showing kids and parents having a blast getting in on the act. The instructions are below.

1. Cut white cotton muslin into good sized strips (big enough for a scarf). We got ours at Designer Fabrics

2. Mash 1 cup of blueberries, preferably by hand. Squish them up really well. The more you squeeze them the more vibrant they dye will be.

3. Strain the mashed blueberries and juice into 4 cups boiling water using a fine strainer or cheesecloth. Press the blueberries through the strainer for best results.

4. Mix juice into boiling water.

5. Place elastic bands in random order all around the muslin scarf. Be sure to put them on really tight.

6. Submerse the scarf (with elastics) in the boiling water for 10-15 mins.

7. Transfer scarf into 4 cups cold water mixed with 1 cup salt (salt is a fixative)

8. Wring out and let dry in the sunshine before removing elastics

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