5 Benefits to Growing in Pots, Containers & Planters


Succulent filled pots and concrete forms add interest to this window sill.

1. They make your garden bigger: Growing plants in containers is a great way to expand your garden space. Pots can go anywhere: on pavement, a window sill, a deck, up a flight of steps.

2. Allows you to control the soil your plants grow in. Your garden soil may not be the greatest but when you plant in a pot, you control the soil and can provide excellent growing conditions that the soil in your garden may not have. My garden is sandy and full of tree roots. My pots give me a dream garden of rich soil.

large dramatic planter makes a statement

A large planter with a sculptural plant makes a statement in a side entranceway.

3. Adds to your garden design by creating structure: Get the biggest pots you can afford and make it a statement, they can really add to your garden design.  Pot design has come a long way, and you don’t have to choose between plastic and terra cotta.There are so many interesting shapes and materials. New types look like cement or terra cotta but are winter hardy, a huge bonus, as terra cotta pots will crack in a winter freeze.

4. Adds vertical space to your garden. Use the wall to attach pots to the wall, increasing the space you have for gardening. Foliage cascading from pots always gives a lush feel.

5. Takes advantage of your sunny spots. You might have a shady front yard, but a sunny spot along the side of your house, a great place to put a large pot filled with flowers, foliage or even vegetables. There’s nothing like having a walk through your garden and being able to pluck a fresh tomato out of a pot.

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