All Hail the New Mayor of Fiesta Farms!

Fiesta Farms has a new Mayor! Didn’t know that our little grocery store had an official head of state?

If this notion is confusing to you, you might not be using Foursquare. Foursquare is a free  GPS based service you can access on your iphone, blackberry or smartphone. It’s under a year old in Toronto, so don’t feel like a newbie.

Once you sign up for a Foursquare account, you can use your mobile device to “check in” at various locations across the city and share your local travels + tips with your online network of friends.

If a person checks in more than anyone else over a period of 60 days, they are crowned the “Mayor” of that location. And that’s exactly what happened when Andrea Chiu last checked in at Fiesta Farms. Andrea runs a food blog and podcast at Tongue + Cheek and is a loyal Fiesta Farms customer.

Not only did her loyalty get her the Mayorship on Foursquare, but  the staff of Fiesta Farms were proud to fete her as well.

Foursquare does more than make you look busy and well-travelled. So how can you use Foursquare at your favourite grocery store? Using Foursquare at Fiesta Farms will allow you to share tips with your network. Here are a few ideas how:

  • Tell your network about a favourite product you found on our shelves
  • Know we’ve got the best deal on something? Let your friends know too (that’s what friends are for)
  • Is there one aisle not to be missed?
  • Shout out to your favourite Fiesta Farms employee who makes your visit brighter
  • Recommend another stop in the neighbourhood

Foursquare curious? Here are a few resources to check out before you check in. Have a peek at Getting Started with Foursquare for Dummies and Mashable’s tips for getting the most out of Foursquare.

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