Prince Charles likes The New Farm Beets!

Prince Charles is pictured purchasing a bag of organic, heirloom beets as part of the Grow for The Stop campaign while touring the Royal Winter Fair recently. The campaign is one we are currently involved in promoting at Fiesta Farms.

Prince Charles buys some New Farm beets

Prince Charles buys some New Farm beets

“Nice to see the prince taking an interest in the partnership we’ve developed with The New Farm up in Creemore. In this photo you’ll notice the Prince holding a “Grow for The Stop” branded package of beets that just hit the produce aisle at Fiesta Farms this week.” says Nick Saul, the Executive Director of The Stop, who sent us the photo.

10% of proceeds go back to The Stop to purchase organic food from The New Farm for their food programs. Ensuring people who use the food banks and other food services get access to food of the highest quality.

“Just after this photo was taken,” Nick continues, “the Prince apparently tore into the bag and started in on the beets. He was overheard muttering “delicious, delicious” for the rest of his time at the royal winter fair. Camilla liked them too.”

Did any of you get a chance to see Prince Charles or Camilla during their time in Toronto? Let us know all about it. We’re big fans of his support of organic farming.

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