A Rainbow of Recipes

After the crazy rainbow video we posted this week we thought it might be a good idea to give some hints on how to best use up all those beets & carrots you’re going to be buying to support Grow for the STOP.

The most precious thing about these vegetables is their unique colour, to preserve that colour you have to make sure you do a few things:

  • Don’t boil red and yellow beets together, keep them separate until ready to serve so their colours don’t bleed.
  • Keep the red stripes bright in candy cane beets distinct by slicing thin and serving raw in a salad
  • Don’t peel purple carrots! They’re orange inside, so wash them well and preserve that distinctive purple skin

These are the first root vegetables of the season and they are at their best right now, they haven’t been sitting in some storehouse all winter.

You’re not going to need gobs of blue cheese or sour cream, the best way to enjoy fresh root vegetables is simply. Enjoy them quickly sauteed with a dab of butter and a sprinkle of salt. Keep the curry powders and coconut milk for the bland days of February.

Now that there is a nip in the air it doesn’t seem outrageous to turn the old oven back on and put it to work. Roasting beets in a tinfoil pack with a sprig of thyme and some olive oil will bring out their earthy sweetness. Carrots benefit from roasting too, just tossed in a pan with some lemon zest and butter they brown beautifully and take no time at all.

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